• Bi-oware at it Again!

    April 6, 2011 9:40 am 28 comments
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    As much as it pains me to relive any moments playing their disgusting,gay,tranny, and worst of all lesbian filled game, I am for the sake of informing good christian parents about the dangers that lurk in this pixleated abortion! When I started this research I will admit at first I was a little taken back by Dragon Age 2, everything seemed normal, there were no blacks and the main character resembles my favorite christian actor Gerard Butler. Now the game is divided into three different acts, after the player grinds their way through the beginning, that’s when the game took a turn from bad to worse as every party member I gained wanted to sleep with my character, for no reason it was unprovoked and truly disgusting, things didn’t stop there, at one point I had to go to a whore house and talk to a male prostitute when the unthinkable happened another queer tried to lock lips with my character!

    So not only does this game support homosexuals it literally shoves them down your throat, and when a fellow gamer proposed the Idea to implement a no homo switch in the game David Gayder, the lead writer for their game defended the queer gamers and even bashed heterosexual gamers! It’s clear what dirty money that company wants, I’ll give you a hint, the gays. So now they’re openly making games targeted for children with the main message being “We’re here, We’re queer, now you be too”. The worst part is that the heathens on the bioware forums ate it up they love defending gays, well America, It’s time to defend our rights to be right against the gay agenda.

    All in All I give this game a big zero for all the gay and magic stuff, as if magic wasn’t bad enough.

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