• Blame the Shutdown on ClockSucking Liberal Women

    April 8, 2011 2:00 pm 172 comments

    Current liberal media reports are the government Shutdown is eminent due to a lack of agreement on Planned Parenthood funding in the budget. The reporting is biased and does not address the real issues.

    Our lives are filled with those little dramas and discrete events in the continuous flow of tasks and duties required for a meaningful life that can take a toll when time is short. When we fail to plan and execute to that plan it is most certainly the gremlins of chronographic realms that hoard precious moments of productivity. These time bandits can impact our relationships and ability to mature and grow spiritually and it can SHUTDOWN THE US GOVERNMENT as well as nurture the high unemployment the US is currently experiencing.

    Because so many women cannot manage their time well, Planned Parenthood was contrived to address many of the timing issues liberal women find challenging. These “timing issues” are in reality the struggles liberal women have with accepting God’s plan for them and their insertion of their own selfish preparations over fruitful congress with their husbands.

    Clocksucking God’s timeline for bearing children should not be a part of any woman’s agenda and it should not be a part of government.
    For women, time management and careful preparation are keys to a successful marriage, optimum fertility and grace. This means women, specifically, must heed God’s plan for marriage and bearing children as the bedrock and foundation of our economy and success.

    “Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15, 16).

    Much has been made leading up to the shutdown by the liberal media to push blame on the government shutdown onto the backs of the conservative movement, specifically those who espouse a woman’s freedom to bear children without the government tearing it from her body. De-funding Planned Parenthood will restore the balance for women in the US, but is being hawked by the media as a necessary service.

    Bag of Boobs

    The liberal movement is effectively throwing a bag of breasts into the gears of progress and harming the fulfillment of women everywhere that comes from living God’s plan. Offering health screening and reproductive “choices” is enticing women to turn away from the tests of faith that come from enduring breast cancer, cervical cancer or unplanned pregnancies. These are blessings that should be met with grace and praise, not medical prediction.

    Women are not truly happy without fulfillment of God’s plan. A childless, career minded woman’s life is empty and without joy because in her quiet hours she is aware of her acts of treason to the United States and abominations to God. She is a clocksucker to God’s timeline for her. She will get on birth control so she may whore about while attending some liberal university for selfish economic gain or self actualization while denying incubation to our country’s future consumers. It is treasonous!

    The denial of God’s plan flies in the face of well established castes for successful economic systems. If women would exit the workforce to have children, unemployment would be non-existent. Our male troops could be brought home from foreign wars and welcomed with jobs and prosperity. As it stands, our taxes support the continued wars and employ troops only to keep the unemployment rate low. If we could end these wars, we would pay lower taxes. But that will not occur as long as the liberal woman is allowed to bogart her vagina to the detriment of our country’s future and loss of our brave troops.

    If you loved me

    “If He Loves Me, He Will Forgive and Forget”

    Yes indeed, young lady. Much like the immature young bride that burns the casserole because she spent the day clocksucking with her soap operas, liberal women expect to be served and loved even more than the Christian woman that accepts her role as wife and mother with well planned meals and made beds. It is a narcissism that has taken hold of our cultural identity to a degree that we cannot continue to endure.

    With all the conveniences and technologies afforded the modern woman she still must beg the government to help her, “Because you love me, don’t you?” She whores her vote for Obama like a lap dancing gypsy and the government screeches to a halt. She cries out for medical care, but does nothing to help herself. Google is an excellent medical advisor. Why must the government provide nearly the same information in the form of Planned Parenthood when it is available for free at any library or café? Husbands can be trained to perform breast exams at home. It’s on the internet.

    The liberal women with their biological clocks set perpetually to 5 minutes of midnight, would have everyone believe that planned parenthood is the only source for preventative care when these same clocksukers supported and implemented ObamaCare! It is a duplication of effort that we cannot afford. In conclusion, we need to stop allowing the liberal media, to dictate our morals and pandering to the clocksucking liberals.

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