• BREAKING: White Kids To Be Minority By End of Decade

    April 6, 2011 3:46 pm 16 comments

    By the year 2019, white children will be the minority group in the United States. The surge of minority groups in the US has already lead to the fall of white children in 10 states, even prompting legislative action in Texas to allow minority white children to have exclusive scholarship for higher education.

    Minority groups tend to have higher birth rates than white Americans, according to US Census data. Even more alarming, the flood of immigrants — both legal and illegal — are quickly dwarfing the working, educated white populace in a sea of squalor and rising debt.

    These alarming facts and trends are dwarfed by one statistic that’s the most troubling of all.  By 2044, the number of minorities will outright outnumber the number of whites across the entire US population.

    The majority of the United States will be minority, with Hispanics leading the charge of demographic change.

    2010 Census Race, Hispanic Origin, Minority Distribution under age 18

    Currently, 23.1% of all children in America are Hispanic Latinos.  One out of every five schoolchildren is Latino.  More than half of Latino children never finish education.

    These trends show the sliding scales of American populace are trending toward groups that historically do not produce high-calibre adults to power the American economic and social cycle.  America is trending in population to groups who tend to need more government assistance and are less inclined to be finacially independent of need for social welfare.

    Percent change 2000 to 2010: under age 18

    The “new minorities” the Asian and Mexican population, increased the most from 2000 to 2010.  Of the new minority, administrators are taking great concern as it will bring an astounding change to educational needs for America.  Even moreso, it will greatly impact the future of the American workforce, even with black/African-American and non-hispanic populations being in decline.

    According to Maryland Education Superintendent Jerry Weast, ” ‘If they’re not prepared to deal with these issues, they’ll have issues of quality such as increased dropout rates.

    ‘It will have a detrimental effect on their scores on state and national tests, and can create tension.’”

    These population dynamics are favorable for Barack Obama, who depended on minority support for his last election run.  Obama has viciously challenged Arizona law which allows authorities to throw illegals in jail, earning Obama support and praise from the surging Hispanic Latino community nationwide.

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