• California’s C&O’s Tries To Poison Fiance Of Mike Watson

    April 23, 2011 10:34 pm 24 comments
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  • Illustrated Evidence

    Illustrated Evidence

    My dearest Comrads:

    California is a wonderful place where young and old alike gather to the beaches and boardwalks to have fun, swim, play, and even catch bites to eat. Unfortunately, while on a business trip to meet with Hollywood producers, intern Mike Watson and his fiance were confronted by Satan himself.

    C&O’s is an Italian Mafia run restaurant on Venice Beach in Venice California. The happily engaged couple sat down and had a decent appetizer and then trouble began. The bride-to-be was given an entree’ with red peppers in it.  She immediately broke out into hives and an obvious rash. When the server returned to check on the happily engaged couple the fiance said,

    ” Her eyes had a certain glow to them. I felt like I was attacked.”    After interviewing Mike Watson and his fiance, his fiance replied,

     “The service had to have been from satan. The looks of death and demise from the server was terrifying!”  After some time of arguing  with God on his side the matter was taken care of and C&O’s was defeated. I was unable to gather any photos of the accident, but was able to give the illustrator  a description.

    I am happy to report that the fiance of Mike Watson is recovering just fine.

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