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    April 4, 2011 10:17 am 17 comments
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    Last week, my daughter-in-law decided I needed a face book. I thought about it and said sure why not? It’s been amazing because all of her friends wanted to be on my friend list! PERFECT!!! Most are atheistic like her and my son. My face book gives me a chance to share the true word of God. So far I have witnessed to several atheists on You Tube by text commenting on their atheist videos. They are an angry group of people.

    I had my first witness experience on a face book, the very same day I joined up. You know how you see “Christ” taken out of Christmas and people using “X”-mas in its place? Well, I have corrected a couple of friends on the use of Xmas, and one of my son’s friends wrote, “George, you are old enough to know that X represents Christ. I don’t think He would mind us using an abbreviation for his name. As long as He is in your heart…” Well. what did I do here? Two friends jumped on my friend’s bandwagon and supported her answer for using “X” in Christmas.

    So I thought about what they had to say and I prayed on it. Jesus spoke through me and here is what he said and what i posted in my face book: “… Christ is VERY hurt and VERY upset that HIS NAME is taken out of HIS birthday and replaced with a letter that represents an unknown quantity or name. … (I continued at length), but you will know the day that you meet Jesus face to face someday. Deny him before your peers and he will deny you before his Father”.

    Well, since I posted my replay, two of the three friends who were supporting “X”mas are now using Christmas.

    Whether what I said got them to thinking or what, I don’t know. I just feel I NEED to stand up for Christ whenever I get a chance. Now I am having difficulty offering further witnessing because most of my friends have disappeared. Did I hit the wrong button? Your technical assistance is appreciated. You can also friend me and help me witness here:

    Be my Friend here. How do you use face books to witness your faith?

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