• Conservative Christian Men Rap for the Tea Party (Video)

    April 23, 2011 6:05 pm 4 comments
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  • Something wonderful has risen out of the ashes that were today’s youth. A Young group of men recorded and made a video of a song with a good message.


    The Tea Partay East Coast
    Here, young men and women are dressed as proper men and women should be. Very little if any skin is exposed. Unlike todays modern bands that fornicate on screen like Florence and the Machine, Culture Club, and Mumford and Sons; these youth keep their minds and bodies on target.

    As noted before they dress properly and keep fit lie proper Christians should, there is no bad teeth or “large booties”. The women in the video are modest, but keep themselves thin and attractive for their men.

    Still white!

    Sometimes they sing about the struggles they have been forced to overcome:

    “Haters like to clown our Ivy League educations, but their just jealous because our families run the nation”

    Yet they always stay positive:

    We will send a thank you note… in cur..sive….

    once again, still white!

    There are no guns, or bazookas, or grenades that today’s tribal anger rappers use to kill each other. Instead these fine youth present just some sailboats, tennis courts, and lots of coats and ties.
    This band would be a nice example for today’s teenagers.

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