• Demented Panda Infected with Chinese Dragon Spirits

    April 26, 2011 9:42 pm 9 comments
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    We all know that China is the land of sleeping communist dragons. So it is no surprise to see that even their most innocent looking animals can be overcome by the spirit of the meanest Dragon of all, Satan.

    Here a normal panda is overtaken by demonic spirits. You can see a weird glow in its eyes as it savages the tree and around 50 seconds in, it is just like at a rock music concert. The panda wags around skyward in peverted ecstasy and then releases only in the raunchiest throes of shameful explosions. It is using the tree as a phallus’.

    I could only wish I were in China right now, because I’d have myself armed with a hunting rifle and a poor African-American family in Michigan would have one extra panda skin Chinese skincoat this winter.


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