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    April 4, 2011 5:25 pm 1 comment
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    The world’s so crowded. Hmm… OH I know, I think I’ll just run my own media empire, publicize homosexual influences and make half the country gay. POPULATION CONTROL! Oh, wait… crap they stole my idea already. Oh well, President Obama just said my kid could be the next Lil Wayne, so I’m chill as a cucumber. Oops wait, just ran across some Lil Wayne lyric about shooting up a family on their living room sofa(“Ride For My Niggas” @ lyrics.com). And my president is using this guy as an icon to encourage my kid to reach for the stars? Sounds like he’s got people reaching for the wrong stars. And this country eats all it up like the delicious helping of B.S. that it is.
    Sometimes I look at Christians closing their eyes, bowing their heads, singing and dancing, lifting their hands and screaming at the ceiling, speaking jibberish and calling it “tongues”, and I think to myself, “Are they trying to convince me, or themselves?” Christianity is the biggest group of hungry souls not even sure what it is they’re starving for. Church has now become a how-to on living your life, rather than a place to get in tune with spirituality and its affect(or lack thereof) on the world today. These key factors have been replaced by hymnals, worship bands, and of course the ultimate cliche on believing in something without reason, faith. For years now I’ve looked at Christians like people who use a god figure as a crutch, a feeling of stability in this oh-so-hectic life of ours. You know, the whole “invisible friend for grown-ups” concept.
    Then I found gold. My curiosity got the best of me and led me down a bunny trail I couldn’t trace to save my life. I ended up in Exodus 30, reading about God commanding Moses to build an alter of incense out of acacia(known throughout the Bible as “incorruptable wood”). I suprisingly found that acacia contains DMT(dimethyltryptamine), which today is a contraversial “drug” holding the line as the only “narcotic” to be named a federal offense. Interesting. Even more of a slap in the face was when I found that the incenses were made of ayahuasca which contains a percentage of DMT much higher than that of acacia. This alter would burn in the tabernacle as men worshipping would inhale the fumes and become euphoric. The Holy of Holies was a small boxed-in area where the high priest would sit with the growing thickness of smoke(some would call this “hotboxing”). He had to have a bell and rope tied to his leg just incase he got too overwhelmed by the spiritual realm and had to be drug out by the others outside.
    Then I heard about that church in New Mexico that fought the Supreme Court for their right to use Hoasca Tea(made of ayahuasca) during their worship ceremonies. The church won. They are now allowed use of a substance that would be a federal offense anywhere else.
    Then I started hearing the testimonials from those who have extracted DMT and smoked it 100% pure. This is notorious for launching the user’s consciousness and causing an “out-of-body-experience” that can never seem to be explained in human wording. Obviously there is a huge gap between where this religion really started and where it is now. This needs to get out because it will change everything. This fake “presence of God” people push themselves to feel while singing hymns or eating crackers & grapejuice for communion, is nothing compared to the spiritual awakenings happening to people right now. (GOOGLE Joe Rogan DMT testimonial or Jim Carey DMT testimonial.)
    What happened next I am unable to explain in human wording. And my whole mission was just that in all my experimenting. But I finally found the DMT, and tried it. Again, I will not even try to explain what happened. All I will say is that it left me with nothing but the rhetorical question being asked of me, “Who are you to attempt to simplify all my glory into human understanding?” Pretty humbling experience to say the very very least.

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