• Dos Equis Knows How To Treat a Woman

    April 26, 2011 10:01 pm 17 comments

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    My dear brothers,

    Women are not to be put on a pedestal. This year I am a sophomore and the thing I’ve learned is if you want to get a woman, you have to treat her with a strong hand.

    Not an abusive one. Liberals always jump to that conclusion because they are naturally violent and rabid.

    A strong hand means a firm grip on being a male. Demand a woman keep a firm grip on her role as well. Freshman women are some of the best to immediately put in line. They are naive and in need of guidance, lest they wind up throwing drunk parties and trying to tempt good young men into their pit of sin.

    There is no excuse to not find a wife during college. There are plenty of girls and they have proven their smartness. They just need to be put in their place and brought to accept their eventual role as a happy-homemaker.

    Treating them like a wild pet, and believe me even the wildest cat can be made tame, is the way you do it.

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