• Drunk With Power, Police Officers Now Pepper Spraying Baby Squirrels (Video and Image Evidence Included)

    April 8, 2011 1:57 pm 30 comments

    Barbaric.  Monstrous.  Satanic.  Third-world Libyan terrorist.  The words of evil cannot even describe the story of brutality of today, my good friends.  Please, hide the gentler audiences.  Tell any woman to turn away and go on about more mundane life.  Tell the children to leave, for the story today will shock your soul and rip apart the toughest heart.

    Officer Pepper Sprays Squirrel_20110408083042_JPG

    Gleeful cop copiously covers quivering squirrel with pepper spray

    An innocent squirrel simply started its day in a tree.  Cute as a button, in scurried down a street and prepared to look for fresh Spring food.  Little did the warm ball of innocence know, a big ego’d cop would lay in its wake and take pride in hosing it down in pepper spray.

    Only days ago, we relived the horror of a small town family whose suburban white son was assaulted by two menacing cops.  The child had a mental condition and behaved on that condition in class.  Instead of treating the child with respect and simply subduing him, the two police officers ravaged the child’s eyes and psyche with a letha dose of pepper spray.

    The effects of the spray abuse will be lifelong, the emotional scars eternal.   Even though black Obama democrats are gloating over this entire affair, among other liberals who believe it is natural and normal to abuse children with mental conditions, we can bet that if this child had been African-American the permed duo of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would be goosestepping to every rolling news camera and radio, shouting “Nay, nay!” and trying to have these cops put to the societal gallows.

    But no, the cops were encouraged.  Even when the police in the case gloated and exclaimed they were right to force pepper spay in an eight-year old child’s eyes, they were not punished.  Today, we already see the result of what happens when you let people who don’t deserve authority feel they can do whatever they want.  Abuse and the victim is now the most innocent of us all.

    The squirrel was simply playing on the playground of a Texas middle school.  Students were entertained, finding the baby squirrel to be very cute, fast and adorable.  A cop, sitting on the sidelines, sauntered over to the playful animal.  A child whipped out his cell phone, recording the incident and fortunately not being spotted by the cop before uploading the footage to YouTube.

    This is the result of letting cops pepper spray suburban children.  What makes you think your child or sweet pet is not next?



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