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    Just for a little background, the sowers of discord are those who live to put unnatural things into the natural world.
    One of these was the Principia Discordia. Written by Greg Hill(under “inspiration”(a.k.a. demonic possession) of Malaclypse The Younger).

    There are 3 ways to be a Discordian. 1-Purposely in spite of God and nature, 2- purposely following Eris(the “goddess”), or 3- accidentally falling directly into their flow of discord. While a sower of discord may speak with a an overly relaxed and rather supreme, chin-up tone about their evil deeds, they are no more than a follower of a follower of a follower of a concept that is upheld to further distance those at the top from those at the bottom. The pressure upon the situation at hand puts more ego-fuel into the mix for those stuck wallering in their own pride in being a part of this most important cause for the lesser good. The most genius act of immaturity. For years they have come up with certain ways to appeal to the public drilling into everyone’s heads that “faith” and “God” are dead, out-dated concepts. While these seem like nothing more than juvenile pranks against Christianity, they are actually calculated and designed to bring the human spirit to a more vulnerable point. A funny concept, is that whether God is “real” or not, the brain having “faith” has a very real affect. If someone only sees his or her own abilities stretching up to a set standard, they will only ever be able to do things limited to that standard. Your mind reacts instantly when you put “faith” into a power that’s higher than human expectation, because the feeling of confidence is produced which in turn releases endorphins from the brain. Endorphins activate all parts of the body that would be able to do anything “miraculous” or unexpected. One of the other direct links with endorphins is your adrenal gland, which has been known to make men lift incredible amounts of weight or jump extreme heights(in catastrophic events calling for such phenomena to survive). Faith works in the wrong way as well, having faith in the powers of evil. Chaos magicians use an equation that includes your own subconscious level of faith/doubt toward magic as a variable to how well your magic works.

    M = G x L(1-A)(1-R)
    Pm = P – P x M 1/(1/-p)
    All factors are between 0 and 1.
    M equals the force of your magic. Which is dependent upon your G (Gnosis) and L (magical Link) multiplied by two negative factors. (Things working against you). Your conscious awareness of the desired result (1-A) and your subconscious resistance to doing magic (1-R) -i.e. “Mommy told me magick doesn’t work.”

    In the film Fight Club(one of my all-time favorite movies), the main character is forced to endure a chemical burn using lye, and is told from the moment it touches his skin that it will hurt more than any pain he’s ever felt. Suddenly this movie takes a turn for the worst as the main character’s alter ego(Tyler Durden) holds his burning hand in place while challenging him to “stay with the pain” rather than go “off somewhere else”(referring to the altered state of consciousness the human brain goes to in dreams, meditation, near-death experiences or any other agonizing events surpassing what we can handle). His ego begins to see him drift and is angered by it, slapping him across the face and tormenting him with promises of God’s failure and hatred toward all mankind. These statements surface in this scene alone spawning from no previous talk of religion: “Our fathers were our models for God. If our fathers failed, what does that tell you about God?” “You have to factor in the likelihood that God doesn’t want you. He doesn’t like you. In all probability, He hates you.” “We are God’s unwanted children? So be it!” “We don’t need Him.” “Fuck redemption.” The main character screams in agony, “IT HURTS!” His ego then challenges, “No, what you’re experiencing is premature enlightenment.” He is speaking of that enchanting knowledge that intrigues cult members all over the world, the “forbidden fruit” may be a better term for it. This character in the main character’s head, Tyler Durden, his “alter-ego”, is a demon. Even the author doesn’t know this because like all of us he has that mental image of a little red guy with horns and a pointy tail. Do what he didn’t, and trash that picture. Demons surface from within the realms of consciousness, for that is their only leeway into affecting God’s physical creation. They are but mere suggestions/impulses in the mind that intend to become physical actions. The movie spends its first half showing a glamorous misappreciation of life, and the second half seeking a deeper, darker, more violent/chaotic way to cope.

    Let’s Just Say:
    God= life, soul, joyous & rewarding feelings
    Angels= confidence/endorphins, “spirits” of strength & encouragement
    Satan= death, ego, feelings of loss
    Demons= pain, sadness, anger, “spirits” of weakness & discouragement

    To think of pain as an demon is to suggest that it can only feed on the opportune moments that the flesh is harmed. These opportunities surface usually during times of carelessness, anger, violence, and others the Bible warns to watch out for. Those are the physical laws of nature God established to keep us safe. Now think about people who cut themselves as a coping mechanism. They are deliberately defying the laws of nature, calling upon another diety than God, to coddle them in their time of high emotional anguish.
    In a nutshell, the idea behind Discordianism is that humans are prone to adaptation, so their goal is to provide very unnatural conditions for us all to have to adapt to , and then they will have their world of discord.

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