• Gitmo (I Tried To Send An Illegal Mexican)

    April 3, 2011 1:02 am 60 comments

    This is a song about illegal immigration and the dangers of foreign things that are scary and bad for America. This is Gitmo, from my upcoming Tears of Bush LP. Enjoy and share, the iTunes single link will be available soon.


    Tried to send a Mexican to Gitmo, and they said, “No, No, No”
    When they all attack, with the rage of a black you’ll know, know, know,
    Their sneaking over our line and Obama thinks that’s fine,
    I tried to throw a Mexican in Gitmo and it said, “No, no, no”

    I dream of the day,
    When there ain’t no more gays,
    Cause there’s nothing, there’s nothing that can keep me,
    from protecting my countray

    I know I may never ain’t got no As in class,
    but I know how to shot a Mexican in the asscan

    I tried to send a Mexican to Gitmo, and they said, “no, no, no”
    Yes Obama is black and he sniffs crack you know, know, know
    Mexicans are sneaking over our lines, and Magic Kenya thinks that’s fine,
    I tried to send a Mexican to Gitmo and it won’t “go, go go”

    I says, I says, “Mexican why are you here?”
    The Mexican said, “Que?”
    Then it tried to steal my baby,
    But I always keep my shotgun near,

    Mexican said, “Hasta la vista, Abe!”
    But the next day, it was back with gays, double gays, terrorists and all those foreign things that I hate,

    Tried to send a Mexican to Gitmo, and they said, “No, no, no”
    When they all attack, with the rage of a black you’l l know know know

    Now the thing to know about Mexicans,
    they just, they just want an American,
    because they ain’t gonna spend ten pesos,
    When they can sign up for Obamacare and make you spend,

    They gonna take us on a free ride,
    till our economy is all dried,

    I tried to send a Mexican to Gitmo, and it said, “No, no, no”
    When they all attack with the rage of a black you’ll know, know know
    They sneaking over our line, and Obama thinks its fine
    Now he’s tried to make ME go to Gitmo, and I won’t go, go, go

    Abe Goodman


    The year was 2010 and about once a week on my way to Wal-mart, I pass this little green house with suspciously Mexican looking children playing outside by themselves with no parents. One day, I had day off from work and did shopping early. Once again, there were those kids running in the yard and they were school aged. Why weren’t they in school so a teacher can learn them some knowledge? It is illegal for kids to not be in school, and then the word hit me, illegal.

    Was I witnesseing a poor illegal shack house? I called the authorities several times over a few weeks, then finally one time they told me they investigated and they were illegals in there. The children were not here right but born here and the Father was from Mexican. I asked if they sent him back and they said they could not say. I asked since I caught him, if I could interrogate to see if she had more hiders that my economic dollar was being taxed. They told me no. I then asked if I could request a formal hearing, at Gitmo to see if she knew were more Mexican sneakers were. They told me know. They told ‘No’.

    This song had been long brewing in my spirit and I hope you will enjoy. The music will inspire you and to everyone, speak a different story to enjoy and spread to your friends so it may uplift your life. It is music of healing and courage. It is music to make the dark seem light.

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