• Glenn Beck Leaving Fox, Government To Shut Down

    April 6, 2011 8:45 pm 86 comments
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  • Word spreads of America’s Patriot Glenn Beck leaving Fox and the liberal Democrats cannot be any happier. The liberal media is celebrating today’s news as Glennpocalypse and Obama is already boarding Air Chopper 1, ready for a long vacation of golf and health care on America’s dollar.

    While liberals are busy celebrating like drunken sorority harlots binging on Spring Break ecstasy and acid, they should have their guard up. Glenn Beck’s departure from Fox News is not an end, but rather a new beginning.

    Glenn Beck is the new Prince of Peace for America’s news media. While liberal organizations clamor in chaos and self-destructive habits that further divide America, Glenn Beck is this generation’s Martin Luther King, Jr.

    The people of America are looking for more trustworthy sources of information, to tell them how to deciper the political game and how to live life in today’s confusing culture. Glenn Beck is that man.

    Guided by Republican moral code and values steeped in Judeo-Christian tradition, Beck’s journalism enriched Fox News with a unique perspective only outdone by our media master’s propensity for sterling leadership. As with other conservative news organizations, the new Beck News Network (BBN) will be a bastion of truth and light for a dark world, giving news companies such as Sky, Christian Science Monitor, Daily Mail, ChristWire and NewsCorp a vital partner in winning over the world’s heart and mind.

    As the Democrat plagued senator and their new age Caesar Obama take leave, beware, for it is during this time that we will regroup and have Obama out in 2012. With the power of wisdom and divine grace, we will continue to watch CNN plummet into obscurity. It is in this age, that America will be taken back by the moral majority and again, the land will be a place where the politically right write the fate of this great land.

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