• God Casts Great Fires and Tornadoes Upon America to Let Everyone Know, No Obama in 2012.

    April 26, 2011 12:17 pm 22 comments

    For it is written:

    God is the great I AM THAT I AM.

    Be warned, O ye sinners of sot sulfur America.  We have been marinated in the combustible fecal juices of homosexual marriages.  We have an Arab incense scented black man masquerading as a pure Christian president of our Christian nation.

    And now, the great God of our country, God of the universe and master of love and destruction, He is ANGRY!  He is angry with America!  And just like when the great I Am That I Am appeared before Moses as a burning bush, he now shows his burning anger after we betrayed President Bush!  It is all symbolic and guess what.

    Today, God says I AM VERY ANGRY, AMERCIA!

    To the SOUTH:

    God has brought fire and famine upon your states.  You dirty no good southern Dixiecrats!  How many of you helped vote Obama into office?  How many of you have blood on your hands, because Obama has the blood of the innocent on his!  Abortions.  War-mongering.   Helping the damned flee into Mexico by denying shoot the Mexican laws in Arizona and no questions asked!  Whore demon states of the South!

    Your mouth shall now parch, for Obama’s sins are yours too!  It is your job to protest the federal government taking our rights to defend our country!  Do you really think King Pharoah, the man who sent his armies after the gentle Jews and Moses, is going to let his Earth vessel, Barack Hussein Obama, do anything good?

    Do you think Pharaoh’s demon is whispering good advice into Obama’s flame wind crisped ears?  No!

    For this reason, God is bringing great wrath to the South.  You are betraying your country!


    ‘The earth will be completely laid waste … the earth mourns and withers, the world fades and withers…’(Isa 24.3,4)


    ‘The fourth angel poured out his bowl upon the sun, and it was given to it to scorch men with fire. Men were scorched with fierce heat …’ (Rev 16.8,9)

    This is not a game, America.  This is just a teaspoon full dose of what God can really do!  He has vats of wrath brewed, waiting to pour it down your throat and as you suffocate and burn and die by his wrath, you’ll only be relieved to see your eyes open and Satan’s spiked cocked demons waiting to Sodomize you with diseased satan scepters that burn with a lava’s fury for all time!  It never gets better and you shall always burn and the only Preparation H is the preparation HELL message you are receiving right now.  You can be prepared and not vote for Obama, but if you do, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    And all Icebergs melt in hell.



    Let your eye hole stare and soak in this image!  It is your doom!

    Why must you anal tingler enabler states provoke God?  Tornadoes!  HAIL!  High winds!

    Flooding rains.

    To mankind, trying to cause such a giant red swath of wrath to flow over America and drench us all in divine torture would be impossible.  For God, it is just a simple yawn.  A stretch of his arm and a casual snap of his finger, and torment flows to us all!

    You dumb little fecal feasting whores!  Look what you’ve done.  Look at how God makes the wrathful weather pattern the shape of a gay’s favorite object.  A phallic vibrating defilator!  Gays love to shove this into anyone and especially the lesbians, like to force their agenda into OUR country with the help of liberal voters and corrupt socialist Democrat politicians.  Now, God is shoving some wrath down your liberal whore prostitute throats.

    The tornadoes can sneak into your home.  The tornadoes will swallow you and your children up in your sleep.  One moment it will be sombient snores, thet next, you’ll see Hitler saluting in HELL because your family is all Democrat and your kids inherit your ass donkey Democrat sins.

    Even the Weather Man admits to the horrors that wait tonight, my friends.  Look at how he trembles and sends his woman out to do his work, to give warnings to all these different cities in America.  Do you live in one of these damned towns?

    When Earth was first full of homos in one city, God wiped it out.  He threw a fastball after fastball of meteorites and wiped out Sodom in a majestic explosion of Godly fury.  Christianity is the religion of peace and love, so it is no surprise that the gay who hate nature itself so much they sodomize all in their path, that they brought wrath to a city.  Then, God was forced to cleanse the Earth by washing it with eternal rains.

    Erica Cross stands on a friend's porch surrounded by floodwater Tuesday, April 26, 2011, in Poplar Bluff, Mo. Powerful storms that swept through the nAnd while the entire Earth shall never flood again, be warned.  CITIES WILL.

    Here we see a woman who is stuck in her home.  She went to bed at night, and then in the morning, God has opened the flood gates and wiped out her Missouri home.  No state is safe.

    You will go to sleep one night and think it’s just another peaceful day in America, then wake up the next, and the sky will be cracked!

    Jewish states crushed by Egyptians.  America’s economy fallen and Chinese warlords flying overhead on dragonback lizards given the wings of Satan and spreading burning nuclear holocaust upon us all!  Megiddo!  Armageddon!

    The end of days.

    Pastor Jack warned us.  We are living in cruel days, evil hours.  Oh my friends, you know these are some evil hours and just like the old evangelist used to say, we are doomed!

    In the end, my friends, in the end, there will be two types of people left.  The Bible tells us.

    There will be those who are with us.  President Bush made the Biblical prophecy clear when he said, “You are either with us or against us.”  President Bush was not talking about just any American, but true moral Americans.  The Christian moral majority.  If you stand with us, you stand in the Holy Flock of Christ and you will not be subject to eternal wrath.

    But those who stand against us, after the Gog-Magog war, you shall stand in filth of eternal shame and suffering.  The words of Christ.

    ‘… there shall be two men in the field; one will be taken, and one will be left …‘ (Mat 24.40).

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