• God Gropes TSA Agents with Mighty Tornado in St. Louis Lambert Airport

    April 23, 2011 9:36 pm 7 comments

    New dramatic video footage shows that TSA and Obama are in trouble with the divine. The place of the revelation today was St. Louis Lambert Airport. It was just another routine day of Obama’s TSA agents getting to grope up innocent America travelers and six-year-old daddy’s girls with cute teddy bears who are obviously not terrorists.

    These Democratic slobs were violating the Civil Rights of America when suddenly, God himself had enough. It’s bad enough that Obama failed to prove he was made in America and is a Christian. It is bad enough that innocent Americans are being forced to strip naked in front of strangers, then prodded and probed like a warm corner melon at a San Francisco homo fruit market. All of this forced seduction and raunchiness is filling God’s eyes with tears, America.

    We are letting Obama’s agents get sexual jollies on the travelers expense. How many wive’s milkies are scanned on Xray and hanging from some perverts crusty TSA locker? How many homo TSA are getting a good lock and the ball and tunnel and saving those Xrays for jolly rancher time at home?

    God picked Saint Louis to show off his disapproval because of the Arch. It is the Gateway of America and also gays love to arch their back like a cat in heat when they get sexual satisfaction. God knows the whole TSA screening mess is just a way for Obama to let his SS get their sexual jollies and remain loyal to his dark rule. Now let’s see how a true ruler comes down without warning.

    Look at the power of God! The Obama mighty run away as God just lets out a little huff of his nose. If he had wanted, he could round up every liberal Democrat and hurl them straight into the Sun and give them a first hand taste of solar wind! But God is patient, he is letting them have another chance to stop disobeying conservative morality. It is not proper or okay to grope proper Americans and treat us like terrorists, when we do not even look like it.

    A proper American looks proper.

    The Faces of Proper Americans – Types Who Should Never Need to Face TSA Molestation

    This is the face of an innocent traveller.  Look the the warm glow of his eyes and the hardened, hard-working hue of his American toned cheeks.  You can see the gentle warmth of the Sun’s effect on his body and can tell this is a man of morality.

    Jodie Sweetin, Candace Cameron

    You can see the sunlight of the heavens glint off the pure blonde locks of these heavenly beauties.  You can tell these girls are of firm American background and grace.  Their smiles and face light up the room, as the light of America shines and lights up the dark souls of the lesser countriers who harbor terrorists of this world.

    Notice their All-American blue jeans.  You can see they fit snug and a bit worn, showing they’ve had these for some time and not a last second purchase to ‘appear American’.  These girls are the poster children of what TSA should be accomodating and treating with double respect.  Yet, in this Obama age, even these girls are hunted down and probed like we would do Osama if he walked into a nice Georgia bar after we were proper sauced.


    Donald Trump.  Look into his eyes and you will see an every man.  The American dream.  He started with nothing and now commands the respect of a nation, by virtue of his wealth and his repeatedly loud damnations of the non-American Barack Hussein Obama.  But even behind the stern, powerful Reaganesque squint of Donald Trump, we see something else all proper Americans can relate to.  A good father.

    Donald, or The Donald, is seasoned with age and wisdom.  He has paid his due and taxes to his nation.  His dealings have powered the American economy.  What right does some Obama agent have to lay hands on good old men like this.  It is a wet dream for Obama.  As we saw in the last presidential elections, Obama is a reverse racist and a geriatricist.  He made age jokes and white jokes about McCain and implied he would be the ‘first black president’ so people would feel pressured to vote and make ‘history happen.’  Obama is no better than an Oreo cookie and no more qualified to be president.  An Oreo cookie is just as much as citizen of this nation than foreign named Obama!

    My anger is riled that we are submitting the American family to probes and prods, while real terrorists are sneaking on our planes.  If Obama’s techniques were so great, then why did someone sneak terror doo on to their plane on their shoes.  Obama should be bombing Syria, not helping agents dive bomb the panties of our children.

    This is what a terrorist looks like. It is not that hard.


    Let’s start with the basics.  Obama and his legion of doom.  Obama is not a citizen.  He should be screened.  His cabinet know this fact, yet they haven’t reported him to La Migra so they should be screened to for helping a foreigner masquerade as an American.  Plus, Obama’s middle name is Hussein.

    Saddam Hussein perfectly rhymes with Barack Hussein and these two marched to the cadence of the same drum.  You can bet that Obama bows five times to Mecca just like Saddam before our last true president, the blessed and gentle President George W. Bush bravely lead our troops to the harsh terror lands of unknown heat and nuclear damnation, Iraq, to free the people from his tyranny, to bless them to use their oil economy and then to bring Saddam to divine justice.

    Obama’s middle name is the same as Saddams.  That fact is terrifying!  What if Obama is truly a prince son of Saddam Hussein and he’s angry.  Let’s not forget Saddam made threats against our fair and sweet President Bush and his beautiful daughters.  Let’s not forget Saddam dared speak ill of Donald Rumseld, our Secretary of Defense and grandfather of moral policy.

    The Chinase.  Terrifying.  They have 2 billion people and the libido of a jack rabbit on prom night.  I am thankful that social psychologist Amber Cooper warned us all we can be extremely terrified of this people and not be racist.

    Just like a cat, the Chinese sit quietly and wait to pounce.  Ancient wisdom called China ‘The Sleeping Dragan’ and when it fully awakens, it will try to drown us all in sulfuric dragon blood fury.  Let’s screen people like this on our planes because they are dangerous.

    Bill Murray represents the new brand of Cat Stevens and Jone Fondas.  Cat Stevens betrayed America by naming himself Yusaf Islam, which is just as bad as naming your child “Hussein Obama”.  Murray calls himself a hipster but in reality, he’s a Silver Daddy.

    Silver Daddys are men who lose the way of morality.  They trade in their riches, fame and money for late night orgies with taut bodied sorority girls, letting the memories of the night fade away into deeply writhing screams of ecstasy and liquors of carnal desire.  It is truly filthy that men like this exist and it is the liberal college professor types you can always pick out.

    Smug grin.  Disinterested gaze in eye.  You can see he is groggy from being man handled by the hands of girls clamoring for his fading celebrity and Facebook updates that they ‘romped’ with Bill Murray, the Caddyshack Ghostbuster.  People like this are the only true Americans worth a good, second look.

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