• Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 Trailer Reveals Sparkling Satan Scepters and Flesh Sins

    April 28, 2011 1:59 am 33 comments

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 Trailer Reveals a big problem for parents and children worldwide.

    The smug face of a masturbator adorns the countenance of Harry Potter, as he wields a symbolic Satan scepter that explodes in the most raunchy display of anguished homosexual delight.

    During the late 1990s, the world was introduced to a new fantasy fare known as the legend of Harry Potter.    It was released as a cult book series in the U.K., but infamous author J.R.K. Tolkien. 

    Tolkien is described as a man with suspiciously feminine demeanor and penchant for words that entice homosexuality, fully revealed by the giggly release of the character Dumbledore.  Many parents failed to realize that Harry Potter is laced with homosexual elements and the mangled orgy of drugfare with exposed pubescnet midriffs.

    As the cast of Harry Potter has grown in age, so has their degeneracy.   The boy wizard, Harry Potter, has taken to stripping of his clothing and exposing his taut abs, as he gives ride to a mighty white steed in English stage plays, all to the gentle claps of a finely dressed crowed.

    Emma Watson has fully embraced Sharon Stone caliber lesbianism, cutting her hair to boyish lengths as her adolescent thighs emerge from a short skirt in a golden fleshed fair, budding sexuality left only to the most Satanic of imagination.

    The red head is a pot head.  This is very typical.

    But more troubling than anything is that Harry Potter is explicitly introducing another generation of children to cult ritual.  Each movie is filled with chants and demonic bullying.  Only last week, Emma Watson was outcast from Brown in New England, the birthplace of anti-witch crusades.

    Liberal news rags like LA Weekly and Huffington Post try to defend Watson like she is some modern prostitute victim ala Jack the Ripper, but she is a witch.  If it were only 500 years ago, we would all gladly throw the entire cast and their demigod Mr. Tolkien  in the Jersey River and see if they can float.

    But this is the modern age and our critique is left to warning and the pen.  To understand the danger of this movie, one needs to only watch the new trailer for it.  You can feel the spirit of homosexuality freely flowing through this trailer.

    Is this what you really want your children watching, parents?  A fantasy tale about a boy wizard who shoots sparkling explosions from his wand as he is rubbed up by his friends, mingling in the confines of a gay teacher’s home and waking up confused after a night of hardcore gender bending in the most ecstatic throes of ecstasy, followed by a rompus of kissing a childhood friend?

    This is the type of nonsense imagery that leads to childhood pregnancy and shameful late night ER visits.  Let us ban this movie and throw all Harry Potter paraphenelia to the flames of a burning fire where this type of witchcraft belongs.

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