• Has the Internet Made Book Burning Obsolete? Memory Hole™ Protocols Bring New Hope

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    Books and libraries have long held a position of esteem and regard within civilized societies. Books are the stoic, unchanging witnesses of our past; ghosts in our social conscience; memories of dreamers and the pale laughter from jestered spirits of discontent and revolutionary ideas. Books are the intimate lovers of readers everywhere, beguiling and beckoning travel to places and situations that open the mind and create a foundry of glowing, shiny alloys melded with the brittle iron of the present. Books have the power to lift us from poverty, shift our thinking and empower the powerless with knowledge. This, of course, is why they must be burned, banned and limited to only the privileged.

    Book burning has a lot of negative connotations that make many uncomfortable. Burning a book just any ol’ book, serves little purpose. In order to be effective libricide, or biblioclasm, must be supported with thoughtful selection, social responsibility and a healthy dollop of justice and righteous indignation. Before one starts brainstorming and making a list of books to burn for a Church agape group or disciple project, consideration of the recommended code of conduct from international Memory Hole experts is helpful.

      Find suitable books for burning with both Internet and careful self study.
      Understand the risks of libercide and take steps to minimize backlash.
      Challenge critics to public debate and prepare a media package.
      Know your constituency.
      Energize the base and communicate with them through social media.
      Recognize and empower supplicants that want to help.
      Yield to the higher power of God for guidance.

    Secret Stacks, 5 minutes

    Is Book Burning Effective in the Age of the Internet?

    Because of the internet, the perception arises that burning a book is useless. In the olden times, before the interwebs, book burning was a serious undertaking. A great deal of labor was used to produce bound works. No online backups existed. In many cases, a book burned was the only copy. What a punctuated statement that must have made!

    Today many copies of an idea or written work can be shared across the interwebs at a fraction of the cost. The idea of destroying a single work seems futile and non-productive. Selection of what should be banned and burned in a pyre of glorious rejection of the unholy or corrupt becomes problematic with so many voices of the hive mind screeching acceptance and tolerance. It can lead to erroneous results for those that use the internet exclusively to search for their next book burning lists.

    Google Book Search “don’t work”. Google searches for information can only go so far. Information is retrieved and provided based on your last searches and subsidized with helpful advertising that will sell you products and services that are tagged to your subject. Far too many “tags” seem to be attached to homosexuality, even when searching for office supplies.

    Young people are especially susceptible to this devilish notion of popular good. They will automagically reject anything that parents or Christian leaders tout as good as some “joke” because it doesn’t align with their googled up thinking patterns.

    This free search is subsidized with helpful advertising that will sell you products and services that are tagged to your subject. Somehow many of these “tags” end up being homosexual in nature, even when searching for office supplies! One must not wholly rely on the internet for book selection. One new sortie may prove to take down more books or at least access to books and their unsavory ideas than any conventional book burning.

    With all the difficulty inherent in selection of Books to Burn, why not just eliminate libraries all together?

    Care to Stamp my overdues?

    The Memory Hole™ Storm to Create a Drought for Library Funding

    The words “Library” and “Liberal” share the same root word. The root, Liber meaning to peel or pour, is an ancient reference to the feeling one has while drunk with power. Both liberty and libraries in the wrong hands, or mind set as it were, can turn a complacent society into a raging drunk tank of independent thinking sots. One must take steps to abate this tsunami of sedition before it takes root.

    Conventional wisdom is that libraries are stable while the web is a transient pornography magnet. While many libraries have offered web services to its patrons, some issues have arisen that are a cause for fiscal concern. The NY public library has become a provider of pornography. Hobos and perverts are using the library resources for surfing titillating threesomes and homosexual informational videos, all right next to your child working on a term paper. We wonder why the US is falling behind in standardized testing.

    Libraries not only represent a significant threat to corporate profits and the jobs they create, but are means and method for those to learn unsavory concepts under the radar of review with only personal time invested, rather than tithing to a corporate authority or sticking to texts that have been re-written specifically to adhere to moral and common knowledge guidelines.

    The media has already begun its humble role in the new Tea Party and Memory Hole™ joint venture to burn access to libraries. Through social media and retwitters, this furtive source of learning and knowledge can be eliminated or at least effectively controlled through corporate privatization.

    Those wishing to support the elimination of funding to libraries might consider aiding in this spending cut and solid damming of educational access to the poor. Pictures of “Hot Librarians” and stories of moral decay in the hidden stacks will allow this vestige of the knowledge thirsty poor to dry up while cutting off free access to pornography. Regaled trysts will flood facebooks and everyone wins.

    You're Overdue

    Consider a Re-Write

    That horrible liberal Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC has a “re-write” section on his show, The Last Word. It is meant to criticize some of the sardonic methods used by conservatives like Glenn Becks and Bill O’Rielly. He takes these moments so seriously, it rarely hits home or is funny.

    Will Lawrence find the New York Post article a baited spoof for ironically mocking the sometimes humorous and ironic liberties of the library? Will he see the use of bombast and bravado in the piece and hidden winks of knowing as bait to hungry sharks? See if you can pick out the mocking words and use this for your own re-write with conservative values.

    “Customers can watch whatever they want on the computer,” said Brooklyn Public Library spokeswoman Malika Granville, describing the anything-goes philosophy that’s the rule at the city’s 200-plus branches.

    See how the authors use freedom of information as a bad and control as a good with the choice of a few simple words? (A tip of the hat to the authors for inflating the issue with casual grace by mentioning the number of branches. Kudos!)

    Library patron Daisy Nazario, 60, said she was grossed out when she discovered she was sitting next to an elderly porn watcher in the Brooklyn Central Library recently.

    Notice how Nazario is similar to Nazi and is also Mexican name of a drug cartel drug lord. It’s a double score for the New York Post on this one. A+ work.

    Under US law, all libraries that take federal funding only must install filters on publicly used computers to block content containing illegal obscenity and child pornography, and New York City officials say they comply to the letter.

    If localities want to further restrict viewing, they must specifically enact a policy, although the move almost certainly brings with it legal challenges.

    But even with the filters, anyone 17 or older can turn them off and troll for whatever sexual content floats their boat — no matter how deviant.

    If that doesn’t scare the Shiriah Law into a person, I don’t know what does. The liberals make the choice one of complete freedom or Shiriah law government regulation. The choice of regulation and oversight by big brother is not an option. Most conservatives, educated in these things, see this for what it is – a ploy to accept Muslim law by the left and a call to arms for the defunding of libraries to reduce taxes for corporations while creating jobs with the profits from library privatization.

    Privatization by corporations that can gently determine content and provide to the deserving is a much better solution than wrapping the hopes of our future in some out moded concept of first amendment privilege. Isn’t it?

    Banned Books Week is Spetember 24 thru October 1, 2011 – Start Planning Your Ban NOW!

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