• Hero Dog Saves Life of US Marines in Afghanistan

    April 9, 2011 7:39 pm 11 comments
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  • Lidia is a hero.  And just like all nobles we look up to, we find that above her bravery shines her heart of gold, love and compassion.
    From the time of birth, Lidia was a loving dog.  She had a remarkably high intelligence and as such, was trained to be a bomb sniffing dog.
    The story of Lidia picks up in Afghanistan, where she walked in proud cadence with some of America’s other great heroes — our soldiers and Marines.
    Even though Barack Hussein Obama threatened to make our armed forces go without pay by refusing to sign Boehner’s Government Shutdown Extension, our defenders did not balk.  They continued to protect our freedom by bringing God’s wrath to every terrorist in Afghanistan. And alongside them, stand brave dogs like Lidia.
    Bomb Sniffing Loving Therapy Dog In her unit, Lidia at right was known as the bombing sniffing, loving professional dog.  Even after the most gruesome battles that could break the most hardened soldier’s resolve, Lidia was there to offer comfort and a big  loving doggy kiss.
    By professional rank, Lida was an Improvised Explosive Device Detecting Dog.  IED weapons are the prime choice of evil terrorists to blow up convoys of American troops and the supplies we try to bring to the innocent, loving people of Afghanistan who are trapped by terrorists in that country.

    Lidia’s unit, the 11th Marines 3/12 India Battery, 1st Battalion, was deployed to the Kajaki District of Afghanistan in 2010.  At time of deployment, reports show that Lidia was 3-years-old and under the command of Cpl Nale, an marine of artillery training.

    Even though this was Lidia’s first deployment, the troops immediately reported that she was a very happy dog and brought great joy to their unit.  As scene in the touching photograph, Lidia could bring a bit of happiness to even the most stressful situations.  This was therapy for our brave men on the frontiers of democracy, facing the dark tides of Muslim terror.
    In her time of service, Lidia conducted 25 patrols.  On these patrols, the brave dog found an impressive 7 IEDs.  Lidia travelled with groups of 12 or more marines, meaning that her scouting expertise saved the life of 84 marines. In August, 2010, tragedy struck.  Terrorists attacked and while trying to still help defend her unit from the onslaught, Lidia sustained massive injuries along with several other troups.  But due to her tenacity and bravery, the terrorists were beaten back.

    On that sad night, Lidia breathed her last breath.  Every single troop was able to watch her do it, because that night, only Lidia’s life was lost.  Even in her last moments, Lidia had managed to save the life of every Marine that was in her unit.
    Lidia is a hero and one who stands bravely in the eternal halls of gratitude and thanks for the brave men and women who make America strong, proud and secure.  God bless our troops and God bless Lidia, an eternal reminder of sacrifice and bravery.  A true portrait of not just an American hero, but a hero for the world.

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