• If the McDonalds Beating Victim Was Purely a Male, the issue would not be so big. If this person had been black and the two attackers white, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be hanging from the rafters of Fox News and every other station calling foul.

    April 25, 2011 1:58 pm 55 comments

    If this person was purely a male, the issue would not be so big.  It’s sad that it works like that.  If this person had been black and the two attackers white, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be hanging from the rafters of Fox News and every other station calling foul, but sadly, we don’t see the same vitriol for the perps here.

    According to various media reports, everything started when the transgender man walked into a woman’s bathroom.  Two young black girls thought the soon-to-be assault victim was ‘checking out their man’ and had a confrontation.  These young girls then proceded to beat the victim to the point that a seizure was witnessed, though some medical professionals think it may have been a pseudoseizure.  It certainly fits the type of psychological behavior pattern that fits the victim mentality suffered by many transgendered individuals.

    Beyond the facts, however, their shines one great truth.  Society has a double-standard.  This beating would not have been an issue if it were a white male being beaten by one, two, ten or twenty people. There would be no backlash and the same liberal loons who are viciously defending this homosexual, they would laugh at the fate of the man and call him a ‘wuss’.  Why is not a transgender man given the same disregard?  Stand up for yourself, man!  Be a man!

    But he identifies as a girl and the liberal media loves playing the victim minority card.  Once they found out that the person in the video was not just some ‘white girl’, they sounded the trumpets and got on their high horses, galloping around and trying to twist this entire situation for their agenda.

    We have black liberals naying and saying that this is not a hate crime.  A white male was beat and left for dead.  He may be mentally disturbed or not; who knows.  What we have in the video is savage beating where the onlookers did not help, aside for a fragile old woman who prevented everything from possibly ending in murder.

    That is a major crime, but not a hate crime.  Every day, countless people are targetted and assaulted.  They are brutally beaten and not given special treatment due to choices they have made in life.  Chrissy Lee Polis is actually Christopher Lee Polis.  Christopher Lee Polis was born a white male with a likely XY genotype.  If he had not had his genitals operated upon to look different, would this be a big issue.  Would people be irrate that I’m not giving the transgender here a lap-dance of PC correctness and sugar-plummed lollipops?

    The issue is that this entire situation is becoming politicked.  The black girls who beat Chris are being defended by some African-American groups, so that they cannot have a hate crime or major crime filed against them.  The gay community is expressing requisite anger and victim mentality, doing everything in their power to get this labeled as a crime against homosexuality, not really for Chris’ benefit, but more likely for the Gay Agenda’s quest to become the new black in a aught’s Civil Rights Movement.

    The Gay Community will rally behind things like this, because they think it will smooth the road to equating their “plight” in life with those faced by African-Americans in the 1960s.  Let’s think about it this way.

    Today, I feel that I am not a white man.  My game is strong and I feel rythmic.  I can jump really high and I like rap music.  Today, I think I’m not a Caucasian but an African-American.  I want to let my inner black out.

    So I want to go to the doctor to see if they can pump me full of melanin.  Or at least, cover me in enough black paint or tattoo ink that I look really, really black.  If a man can mutilate his genitals and be called a woman, why can’t I feel I’m actually meant to be black and darken my skin as such.

    With such a move, I have every right to be entitled to all things the blacks get.  Affirmative action.  Great!  I can be a coward like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and say, hey, it’s not a big deal or double standard that two black girls senselessly beat a white girl in a restaurant.  Maybe that’s why this video was ignored until Maryland’s council on homosexual equality dropped a bomb for media:  Christopher is actually Chrissy and the girl in the ‘boring’ video is actually transgender.  Explosion!

    So now, we see the results of what happens when liberals with an agenda get behind a story.  They will milk this for everything they can and they will be illogical.  Instead of an appropriate assault charge, the girls who performed the attacks will face two weeks of hell until the next media headline distracts everyone.

    When will it stop?  Does anyone remember the Duke Lacrosse players, falsely accused for rape?  Who knows how those guys are doing and what of the liberals who demonized them for an agenda?  It’s always fun to pick on the white guy, right?

    This story is chock full of more twists and turns, however, because it will pit the black community who do not want the beating listed as a crime against a white girl of transgender background against the gay community, who want just that.  And the liberals will line up and take sides, making ridiculous arguments.

    Chrissy Lee Polis will probably get a movie deal and plenty more time in the public spotlight.  Christopher Lee Polis, however, will be all but forgotten.

    If the McDonald’s crime victim had been male or a white person without a ‘minority’ status, would we even be talking about this.  Probably not.  And that is why America is failing in every way possible.

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