• Iggy Pop Shocks Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, Gyrates in Demented Fit

    April 8, 2011 8:27 am 4 comments

    Look away now: Iggy approached the judges midway through his performance

    Iggy Pop comes on only one volume: loud. And it was that loud personality of his that caused American Idol’s Jennifer Lopez, 41, to become redder than a binge drinking Rudolf’s nose.

    It should come as no surprsie that Iggy Pop would want to gyrate his sintreats, hoping Lopez would want to spice up her taco after being enticed. Ballyhoo all you want over the euphamism, you can see the effect it had on the mediocre singer and horrible actress.

    Oh please: Jennifer Lopez looks down in shock as Iggy Pop thrusts his hips just inches away from her face as he performs on the American Idol results show last night

    Jenny from the Block looked us vulnerable as Ben Affleck in Gigli, not knowing where to put her eyes as a very shockingly horrible and yet eye-catching plot played out all around here.  The Wild One, as Iggy Pop calls himself, had a snake to shake for Lopez.  He was determined to make sure she had no where else to look.  His one-eyed mayhem had a target and wanted to spit venom.  You’d think those words are in your face, but imagine Iggy Pop throwing his stuff in your face.

    Wild One! The topless punk rocker was showing no signs of toning down his act

    Lopez does not have to, for she got an eyefull of Pop’s popper.  It must be said, that for being a 63-year-old rocker whose snorted a big enough assortment of drugs to fill a small third-world nation’s medical needs, Pop is looking taut and spry.  Spry enough to go on a twiddling tango with J-lo?  Who knows.

    What is known is that Steven Tyler is a dude who looks like a lady.  For those keeping tabs at home, Tyler is the one to the left who looks like a cute geriatric Mami after a day at the look younger spa.  The feminine look even got him a little side hip attention from Iggy Pop.

    Look away now: Iggy approached the judges midway through his performance

    Randy Jackson felt left out but being a good sport, threw on his Motown but not actually ever a member of the Jackson 5 smile.  He raised his hand, asking Pop for a personal dance but Iggy quickly declined, citing ethical concern.

    J-Glow: After he had finished performing J-Lo was the last judge to stand and applaud him


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