• Is Barack Obama Really Half White?

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    Is Barack Obama really half white?  This vital question will determine how America must regard this man as he seeks reelection in our nation’s 2012 presidential election.

    Looking at the birth history and story of Obama’s probably fabled past, we see many inconsistencies and red flags.  It can be argued that the Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., that we know is not actually who he says he is.  If he has misrepresented the truth to America on so many issues of morality, such as our economy and the need of our military to dominate weaker nations, how can we trust him telling the truth of his family ancestry.

    If Obama’s family tree is legit, we would be able to easily find a Mendelian tree tracing his roots back through countless generations.  We see that we only know a bit about Obama’s ‘father’ and we know very much about his mother.  The expose today will both shock you and make you ask not only is Obama half white, but does this man’s indentity crisis encompass every part of his life?

    Is Barack Hussein Obama a random man, an actor, masquerading before our great nation in a mask of Muslim lies and deceit?

    Revealing The Origins of Obama

    To understsand the very confusing background of Obama, we must first take a detailed look at his family tree and see that some branches do not seem legit.

    We all know the man calling himself US President in the White House also calls himself Barack Hussein Obama. We also know there are foreign genetic programs sponsored by Cold War Era Soviet Union, ones that could produce near genetic replicas of any person, including the line of Indonesians who look suspiciously similar to Barack Hussein Obama.

    Medelian Genetics. It is the process by which the genome of humans spreads down from father and mother, to offspring generation. US scientists call this process the F1 formating of genes. It stands for familial and in each generation, you can see certain traits that we’ve mapped and how they dilineate through the deoxyribonucleases and the sticky end coding regions, proper. In a reverse transcriptase TATA box coding domain, the cells start to divide and the traits are split up in so which. It is a very simple process to understand and the result is if someone is truly half, half their DNA will be from the father and half from the mother. Despite the homonculus, the DNA split is fairly consistent +8.5 s.d. with a 97% confidence level in significant certainty.

    With this knowledge, let us first look to the right on Obama’s family tree. It is the maternal side and you can see that it is filled with question marks. Obama says that he, by genetics, is of a pure white family with a long English history. Where are the records and images?

    Obama’s skin is very dark and his hair course with standard African nappiness. In the arid climate of Africa, the kinky hair and dark skin helps protect against the harsh sunlight while primitives take to the plains to ward of lion and hyena attacks, while using whittled spears to hunt down some pray for their village people or at least, to walk to a UN food deposit and beg for rice bought by solely U.S funding for world hunger.

    Nowhere in Obama do you see a pure white ancestry. If he were truly half, do you think his mother’s hair would shine through in luxurious manner. Would his skin tone not be a bit lighter and his body not so tawny and wiry, like a Kenyan sprinter. Obama’s bauplan shows no sign of African ancestry and it is highly doubtful that his mother is white. His family tree is a giant question mark on his mother’s side, which raises the first level of suspicion. But then, there is another issue. Does Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., actually exist. Or was a brilliant African national’s life ruined so the left wingers could have their ‘first black president’ when the time is right.

    Here is the truth of the conspiracy of Barack Obama.

    Barack Hussein Obama, SR

    The true Barack Hussein Obama, Sr, in an undated photograph. The true Barack Obama's academic record and affinity for pretty women match that of the current man serving as president of The United States and using the same name for himself. The true Barack Obama was a Harvard graduate who wanted to run for president, but was forced to go back to Africa and died a suspicious 'auto mobile accident' death in 1981, when Obama was matriculating to Harvard and getting large sums of money from Pakistan.

    The True Barack Hussein Obama
    The man pictured to left is Barack Hussein Obama. Look at Obama’s family tree up above, on the left feeding branch. It is on this branch that you see Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., listed.

    I would not quickly give the senior status to this man because we do not know if he is truly the president’s actual father. It is more likely a liberal conspiracy and here is the shocking backstory.

    Barack Hussein Obama, “Sr.”, was born in 1936 in the 1936 Kanyadhiang village, Rachuonyo District, Kenya Colony[1]. His breed of African is known at the powerful Luo.

    At this point, it is important to note the perceived prevalence of black fathers who abandon their children.  As seen on social documentary programs, black men tend to shy away from the responsibility of fatherhood though they do father many children by different women.

    How much of this is media implication versus reality is up for debate, but the fact remains that many people scoff at the phrase ‘a baby’s daddy’ and associate its use with bastard children in the African-American community.

    It is this social perception that liberal playmakers banked on when retelling the story of the brilliant man we see at left, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.

    Growing up in 1930s Kenya, the true Barack Obama was exposed to Islam as a religion of fervency.  Tribal stories relate how the original and true Obama had a great memory, oft times shocking village elders with his scholarly application of lessons at a very young age.  Obama, Sr., was also fluent in multiple languages and mastered complex mathematics by age 14.

    Due to his above normal savvy and ability to speak to large crowds of people, wooing them with his reportedly ‘smooth delivery’ in oration and logic, Obama quickly gained national acclaim in Kenya by the age of 17.  Through his formative years, this man maintained perfect marks and when taken to the city to attend a larger campus setting, shocked his Caucasian counterparts by his genius which far surpassed theirs, many of them being of British decent and having attended elite private schools.

    Liberals in America caught wind of this brilliant African national and colluded to bring Obama to the United States for collegiate matriculation.  Several documented sources reveal that Obama was enticed to attend the University of Hawaii, being flown here and given a special greeting from several Hawaiin hula dancers and a special luau.  It is during this vital 1960 – 1961 time frame that Hussein, Sr., allegedly met Ann Dunham, the conspired ‘mother’ of our current president.

    Why would the liberal elite of 1960s America to through so much trouble to get Obama, Sr., here and to get him to stay?

    It was a power play.  During the 1960s, Democrats wanted more than just assuring Civil Rights laws would let them Christmas Tree other bureacratic growing policies into government.  The 1960s Democrats knew that by assuring blacks equal rights and better treatment, the impoverished people would have a population explosion before having a chance to fairly settle into good jobs.

    In this explosion of black pride and power, there would grow a dire need for the government to create Food Stamps and Welfare Health Insurance, Medicaid. The Democrats had a motive to grow the government through Civil Rights era legislation and their coup de grac was simple.

    Have a young, sporting and handsome black man naturalize in the US and enter the House of Representatives.  The radical anti-Kennedy Democrats planned for this man’s smooth orations to win over young voters in liberal Hawaii, a state just freedom from the reigns of Queen Liliuokalani, and storm national headlines as the first black man to win a landslide victory into Congress.

    The state this horde of liberal henchman picked?  Hawaii.  There, they figured, it would be easy to also forge a birth certificate and say this African national was actually born and raised in America.  Remember, Obama was fluent in American English and typically considered the brightest person in any room of intellectuals.

    During the 1960s, the rebellious breed of extreme radical liberals we have today were born.  These are the people who conspired to have any Kennedy Democrat taken out, even Kennedy himself.  There view of the Democrat party would be to forge a union where minorities are used to gain backhanded powers and budget for federal bureacracy.  Having Obama at the helm of their plans would allow them to quickly bridge America into a state of Stalin-Trotsky socialism, the very brand of government that’s wrecking our current economy.

    In giving Obama the quick-line to national wildfire by branding him the Civil Right movement’s young scholar turned politician, the anti-Kennedy Democrats were excited.  They had a pawn in their end-goal of nationalizing minority rights to spread federal authority and budget of state.

    While at Harvard, the original Obama did have a sexual relationship and marriage with Ann Dunham.  There are no true, documented birth certificates to indicate Dunham and Obama, Sr., did have a son.  The Obama of today claims he does have true documentation, but these items have not yet been placed under public and independent scrutiny for verification.  Cursory calls to Hawaiin authorites have representatives telling us that such records to not exist for Obama, Sr., as a listed father for a Obama, Jr., in any statewide records.

    After leaving Hawaii, Obama, Sr., was groomed and prepared for Harvard, where he served as president of the Harvard Economic Review.  Seem familiar?  After graduating from Harvard, Obama, Sr., ended his association with Ann Dunham and married a Jewish woman.  Soon after this marriage, suddenly and shockingly, the ‘golden boy’ of Democratic skull and bone grooming was forced out of America.  The Democrats who invited him in suddenly decided to throw him out.  Why?

    Barack Hussein Obama, Sr, as child with his birth mother, Akumu of Kenya.
    Barack Hussein Obama, Sr, as child with his birth mother, Akumu of Kenya.

    Kanyadhiang village, Rachuonyo District, Kenya Colony[1]After Obama Sr., graduated from Harvard, liberals realized race relations had not smoothed over in America.  Things hand only become more tense and tumultuous and it was bad timing to have a man with such brilliance and background, and such a seeming fabled story of academic excellence, crowd pleasing and speech delivery as Obama who would provide a “CHANGE” for the country’s status quo.

    Democrats abandoned PROJECT KENYAN PRESIDENT.  Democrats abandoned Barack Hussein Obama, Sr, but did not abandom their concept of taking a foreign national, using controversy and a promise of change from this Harvard educated man to inspire a nation who media convinced them they were ripe for some sort of change.

    But there was one shortcoming.

    1960s America was not ready to vote, in majority, for a black House of Representative member with such a foreign name.  The True Obama would never change his name and murky reports show there were several attempts to convince the Kenyan national to change his name.  He refused to change his name. But more importantly, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., strongly detested and was even reported to ‘vehemently loathe’ socialism and Democratic policy.

    Obama, Sr., write a strong treatise denouncing new-Age Democrats in America and African Socialism that was spreading through Kenya. In all their grooming of Obama, Sr., Democrats seemed to forget that he was actually a mathematical genius and Harvard educated economist, a man who would know that social Democrat policy would eventually destroy any economy.

    For these reasons, Democrats abadoned Obama. His ideals were too much in line with a Kennedy Democrat at worst and a true Republican at best. The public would not be receptive to even a faked African-American politician, even with so much knowledge, during the 1960s. There was no way to spark a large enough userbase to start Obama, Sr., on a fast track to presidency.

    Obama, Sr., was forced back to Africa, where he worked several high level jobs until being mysteriously victimized by a string series of unfortunate events. While two Kennedy’s were in line to be assassinated in America, Obama Sr, first lost his job within the Kenyan authority as chief economist. A man named Jomo Kenyatta was placed in authority in Kenya, by a small burgeoning organization in US named the Bilderberg Group. Only days later, Obama Sr., was blacklisted and in process of being kicked out of his home country of Keyna. The only crime Obama truly committed was against Democrats, and that was standing strong against liberal economics with strong, solid Republican trickle down schemas.

    Media started a national campaign of marring the Obama, Sr., name. Reports went out that Obama Sr., abused his Jewish wife and children. Other reports started to claim the man was a hopeless alcoholic, though in truthful essence he remained faithful to Islamic creed that states no impurities such as alcohol may enter the body. The Liberal Media, which had fully invaded Kenya as Obama, Sr., feared it would, was relentless with their lies and destroyed his credibility.

    In 1981, Obama, Sr., lost his leg in a car accident. Only months later, he lost his second leg in another violent and claimed car accident. Finally, in Nairobi in the same year, Obama, Sr., was involved in an impossibly third and tragic ‘car accident’. It was in this accident that Obama, Sr., died.

    But during this time, the day of Obama, Sr’s death, a new Obama took rise.

    The new Obama’s name: Barack Hussein Obama. His background: identical to the former Obama.

    In 1981, a ‘savvy Kenyan national with a gift for oration’ visited the war-torn nation of Pakistan. During that time, no US citizen would be allowed in Pakistan due to the Civl War. The modern Obama, however, was allowed into the nation.

    While in the country, the Obama we know today was reportedly lavished with gifts by Paki royalty and his US assets immediately increased to $2 million. That is a large sum of money for a 1980s era college freshman from Columbia, whose pocket money was only funded by his aging “grandmother’s” pension.

    This Obama was groomed in the same way of the true Obama. Harvard educated, the president of his peers and the brightest in a room of intellectuals. The anti-Kennedy Democrats finally had their golden child and the time was ripe for change. More importantly, it was an America that could feasibly vote a black man into federal office.

    Obama lost his first ran for House of Representatives, just like Obama, Sr. Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., however was known thrown out of the country. Why?

    Obama is a Trotsky-Stalin supporter. His economic policies are meant to crush capitalsim and leave the US citizens dependent on a federal subsidy for all aspects of life. These values are aligned with the 60s era neo-Democrats desire to quickly turn America into a pro-communist state. They had to wait some 50 years, but are now exacting their plan.

    As you can see, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., is a planted man. His true origins are unknown. A man named Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., was exploited by Democrats and then disposed of in typical left-wing violent fashion when he stood up for conservative values and moral Christian capitalism that is meant for America. Barack Hussein, Sr., the man who could have been the first black president when he came of age, was trodden by Democrat operatives looking to “Change” America for the work.

    Is Obama really half-white? It does not matter, lemming.

    The question about his birth is meant to distract you from the fact that the real Barack Hussein Obama was a brilliant economist in the 1960s, brought here by Democrat Bilderberg operatives to champion the Civil Rights movement as the ‘change’ politician. He was groomed to be Hawaii Represenative, Hawaain Senator and eventually, the first President of the United States.

    This Obama had two problems: America was not ready for a black president in his youthful lifetime, even by the time he was 35. Also, the true Barack Hussein Obama preached conservative Republican fiscal policy, the same death nell that lead to the assassination of John Fitzerald and Robert Kennedy.

    The Barack Hussein Obama we have in office today is a fake. The birth certificate does not matter. The race does not matter.

    The only thing that matters is the main in the White House is not Barack Hussein Obama. The true Obama was killed in a car wreck in Nairobi, Kenya, many decades ago.

    mysteriously being pronounced dead in a violent car accident.

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