• Is It Okay to Pepper Spray a Second Grade Suburban Child? – The Story of Aidan

    April 7, 2011 1:23 am 26 comments
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  • An eight-year old boy has behavioral issues.  In a rage one day, he tears through his classroom, knocking over desks and even charging at teachers with a fashioned wooden ‘weapon’.

    The teachers call the cops and the cops pepper spray the kid.  Is such action justified, when an 8-year-old child is involved?

    This may seem a hypothetical scenario, but it is actually reality for the community of Lakewood, Colorado.

    A child, named Aiden, had a fit of rage and a history of behavior issues.  Instead of trying to deescalate the situation, police opted to spray pepper spray at the child.  The child’s mother is upset and the police are gloating, “‘I think they not only made the right choice, they made a great choice that day to use the pepper spray.’”

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