• Is it Okay to Use the Word Retard?

    April 5, 2011 8:00 pm 55 comments

    Recently I have noticed an upswing in the use of the word retard amongst the unintelligent. At first I assumed it was due the fact that saying “that’s so gay” is no longer politically correct.

    This link was found online posted by a common offender .


    You notice how the offender so casually uses the word not realizing its offensive?
    A basic Google search of this individual shows 89 results for their usage of the word retard.

    So is the word “retard” offensive? Well, in a word, yes. Words that are meant as insults are just inherently offensive – even socially acceptable words like stupid or moron are offensive.
    But other than being nice, is there a special reason why the word “retard” should be completely removed?
    The answer is that “retard” isn’t just insulting, it’s also discriminatory, targeting handicapped people.

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