• Is the Homosexual Agenda Robbing America’s Grandparents?

    April 18, 2011 2:01 am 48 comments
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    You may have seen a new show on television recently. The show comes on the History channel famous for it’s glorification of Hindu sex gods, and the lifting of Islam up as a “great religion”. The show in question is American Pickers. What’s that you say? You’ve seen this show and hold it blameless, I think not.

    Typical episodes of the show follow the exploits of two seemingly normal very friendly men who travel about the country in search of rare, unusual, and sought after items. This all seems quite innocent, but what happens next is important. More often than not they go to the homes of the elderly or of people who recently lost an older loved one. Subsequently proceeding to buy, no strong arm their valuable items for a mere pittance of what they’re worth. Selling them later at a mark up of well in excess of 100%. Items often bought for ten to fifteen dollars are often sold for upwards of fifty to eighty dollars.

    I support capitalism, eschewing any form of communism, but this wild profiteering is just absurd. The problems do not stop there. The hosts, an ambiguously gay duo Named Frank and Mike. You ask why we would just be so bold and make such proclamation about two seemingly normal kind men?

    First and foremost Two guys living in a van. When you were in highschool, before you got married. Living in a van and perpetually toad tripping with your best friend might have sounded like a great way to spend your life. Any regular reader would know that you are to go forth and be plentiful. Being homo and riding around in a van is not how that happens. You will soon notice neither man has a wedding band on. Never do you hear them speak of their wives cooking or disciplining their children.

    Then I noticed that Frank keeps a tribal style tattoo hidden on his right arm. He also has tattoos on his left bicep but as of press time I have not identified them. I also find it odd that they have known each other since the eighth grade and are still good friends. If you know anything about the Homosexual life style Frank is most likely a bear and Mike the cub. This would mesh well with strange love of interior design that many homosexual men have.

    They also have a heavily tattooed side kick name Danielle to give them leads on suckers ripe for the plucking. These men have a very attractive female employee whom they never seem to take much interest in other than to use her feminine wiles to lure potential victims into their clutches.

    I can only strongly recommend that you do not watch this show or allow these men into your home. They could rob you or your family members of valuable items for a fraction of their true value and sell them at an exorbitant price. On top of all of this we have reason to suspect the profits are being used to fund the homosexual agenda.

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