• Is the Weather Channel Fostering the Homogay Agenda?

    April 1, 2011 12:20 pm 14 comments

    Someone in this picture is getting anal fisted

    “From the Edge” is a new series on The Weather Channel which looks harmless enough at first glance. In it a photographer attempts to get close pictures of nature in action, at what is assumed to be great personal risk to himself and his crew. A further look, however, reveals the very same hidden gay code words we expose every week here at Christwire.

    To begin with, the lead photographer’s name is ‘Peter Lik’. So blatant is the homogay agenda that the host of the show has named himself after his favorite homosexual act. “From the Edge” itself is a term used by gays to describe a certain type of sodomization that involves dressing penises like airplanes and ‘diving’ them into the anal abyss. It was first recognized in the Muslim world as a way to make fun of 9-11 and has since made its way to our children’s educational programming.

    To make things worse, Mr. “Lik” is of foreign decent, Australian to be exact. Recent studies have shown the Land Down Under to be a hotbed for gay sexual predators due to their large population of young impressionable Aborigine males. One can only speculate how many of those Peter’s this Mr. Lik has indulged himself on during his long and illustrious career of “snapping pictures of ‘nature’”.

    He has taken the name “Master Photographer”, which in this case has nothing to do with images. It is a well known code for gays in New York and San Fransisco that tells their fellow penis munchers they are willing to masturbate in front of groups. Judging from his name, this Peter Lik may have taken an extra step and provided the with fellacio as well.

    This stuff has been shown to our children in our schools, no doubt pushed there by the liberal homogay agenda to spread influence on impressionable youth. It appears the young blacks in Australia were not enough to satisfy Mr. Lik’s raging homosexual tenancies and he has now turned to our Caucasian youth to get his kicks.

    What can we do as concerned Christians? We can start by boycotting the Weather Channel. Sending them emails exposing the fact that we know of their homogay agenda is a good start too. The main thing, however, is to get this Mr Peter Lik off the air as soon as possible before little Johnny becomes the subject of his next “photo shoot”.

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