• Is World Wrestling Entertainment Full Of Gays?

    April 28, 2011 8:50 am 37 comments

    The not so shocking answer is yes, it is. The very same show that your children may watch on Thursday nights is a gay fest of homo man sluts greasing each other up before long night of anal sin. But you don’t have to take my word for it, just look at the evidence I have gathered to see just how Anti-Jesus this organization really is.

    As you can see from the picture above, they exploit women to lure young men into their fold. They usually come out at the beginning of a show. The illusion doesn’t last long, however, and as the night wears on the women are no where to be found. What is left is a group of half naked men beating each other in strange sexual rituals in front of groups of brainwashed lower class roughians who are only there because of the cheap tickets and promise of even cheaper booze.

    Above is “The Rock”. He is one of the homogays that preforms these weird rituals. He also apparently has an unhealthy sexual appetite when it comes to dressing like a fairy and prancing around in public.

    Above is an example of what actually goes on in the ring. Notice how the old man and young long hair have locked their fingers in a loving embrace. He is only inches away from the mans penis yet the loving embrace is not broken, suggesting behavior of a nature only gay men would choose for their life’s work.

    Here we see the unspeakable. I have to apologize to the Christwire masses, as this picture may contain portions of a man’s naked ass, and another man’s face digging in it. Remind yourself, Christwire, these are supposed to be all ages shows.

    In the next picture we see forced anal penetration. The guy on the receiving end looks none to happy to be getting it as well. This is one of many recreations of anal rape scenes that go on during the WWE programming every week.

    Be wary of these going-ons, clever reader, for these characters target your children.  An ever vigilant Christian does not allow this type of stuff in their household.

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