• Is Your Zune Home AV Pack v2?

    April 25, 2011 1:41 am 2 comments
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  • Is it your Zune Home AV Pack v2 possessed by the evil of Satan?

    Months ago we talk of the living danger of Microsoft company. It made by a man name William Gates III who make much silent money and dark computer projects. He is skull bone fraternity of boiling blood pacts from Harvard and the oath of anger is now in Zune.

    Look at video.


    You can see power of Satan rises slowly by slowly in Zune and a prayer warrior can feel the power grows. Satan is really heavy in Zune Home AV Pack v2 and he want you buy discounted price.

    Look at amazing price drop last night.

    Like the magic of whispering wind chimes, Satan does a jump like happy face Walmart and the prices drop like school sorority girls on drunk tequila night. They drop and Satan’s fury unleashed!

    Look at the amazing price drop of Zune Home AV Pack v2. It cost a whopping $99.00 at first. Then we see demonic video and those video shut down but now we see a drop of $90 of dollars.

    This why you should buy China. There is no Satan because not Christian there. Just false belief and many atheist. Buy China and do not get demon possessed Zune.

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