• Japanese Geneticists Create Human Face Fish Hybrids

    April 6, 2011 5:18 pm 11 comments

    The Japanese are a miraculous people who command the same mastery of science as an American.  The difference is, they use their powers for evil.  Today we find news coverage from Japan that shows where they have created an abomination.

    The Japanese have taken the deoxyribonucleic acid of a human and have crafted it into the gametes of a swimming fish.  Through advanced electrolysis techiniques, what the Japanese are doing is complex genetics which I’ll explain to you.

    It starts off with live human embryonic DNA.  This DNA is totipotent, many the cells it spawns can divide down any cell path.  Next, the Japanese are using the restriction enzyme EcoR1 to, cut a segment into Homo sapiens reproductive cells and then insert that into fish eggs.  They then stir it all up in petri dishes and add egg yolks, shocking it and then putting it into a female fishes egg stores.  They let the unholy caviare grow and then whamo, human fish face babies.

    This is shocking as it is scary.


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