• Jeep Announces Most Powerful Least Efficient Vehicle Ever: Happy Earth Day Liberals

    April 22, 2011 1:12 am 23 comments

    Earth Day 2011: Jeep Motors, the company that single handedly won World War II, announces the new 2012 Jeep grand Cherokee SRT8 with a 6.4 liter hemispherical injection engine. Final MPG details have not been released yet but the new 500HP engine has been rumored to get up to 10MPG city.


    This should be the perfect car for stay at home soccer moms to get groceries or for college kids on Greek row to use to get to class.


    Some new features of the new grand Cherokee 2012 srt8:
    19 speaker sound system with subwoofer
    Won’t wash away when hit with a Japanese Tsunami
    Advanced GPS system will route vehicle around and not through minority urban areas.
    4 wheel drive system will help you roll over Mother Nature
    Comes with free WWJD (What Would Jesus Drive) keychain
    8 Layer genuine leather seats front and rear. Using the finest skins of 32 animals.
    Large glove box for full size Bible
    5000Lb towing system
    Rear DVD entertainment system
    Satellite radio pre-programmed for Andrew Wilkow

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