• Johnny Cash Responsible For Emo Bands Like Insane Clown Posse, Father Of Emo Music and Cutting Rituals

    April 16, 2011 8:29 pm 36 comments
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  • Emo music is a fad known for encouraging kids to dress like vampires and cut themselves. The lyrics are often satanic in nature. Many children have been turned from Jesus by it’s evil entication and down a path straight to hell. Where did this music start, you may wonder? The shocking answer is Johnny Cash.

    This is the type of creature spawned by the emo culture

    Many church going folks know that his music is a little too harsh for the services but on the surface it looks harmless. However, many of Satan’s tools look harmless on the surface. It is when we take a closer look that we realize Mr. Cash was the father of all emo music and the cause of many events like the Columbine and Virginia Tech tragedies.

    Cho, the VA Tech killer, wore black too

    He called himself “The man in black” and was well known for wearing dark colors. His music often had a weary tinge to it. He did drugs, caused trouble for the law, and disrespected authority whenever he got the chance. He pioneered the art of self destruction. All these things he contributed to society manifested themselves into emo devil music.

    The first emo

    He even covered an emo song by emo band Nine Inch Nails, proving his legacy of Satan’s hymns. If you look nowadays many of these hipster emos idolize Johnny Cash and even wear shirts with his picture on it that are four times too small and cut off the blood flow to their brains. That makes them more susceptible to Satan’s word and the homogay and liberal agendas respectfully.

    These specimans, however, are too cool for Johnny Cash

    It doesn’t end there. His life was basically one big crime and festival of drugs and alcohol. Many emos bands such as the insane clown posse and blood on the dance floor imitate these actions, and even take it further by cutting themselves and committing homosexual molestation with under-aged boys. There is no doubt that these bands cause criminal behavior in children and the roots all go back to Johnny Cash.

    Evil homogay spawns of Johnny Cash and his music

    His dark behavior and sinister attitude definitely inspired many musicians who have carried his Satanic message to new heights. His self destructive nature is the main inspiration behind the cutting ritual many emos practice daily. Keep your children away from this type of music and keep these words in mind if any of your flock are caught listening to it.


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