• Kate Middleton Is Possibly A Terorrist Operative And England Is In Grave Danger!

    April 28, 2011 11:26 pm 44 comments

    In England they don’t have a lot of things going on in the news like America does, so they often turn to the tabloid fare in order to keep their knickers wenched during tea time. This week it is the marriage of their future king William to harlot and terrorist sympathizer Kate Middleton.

    Kate's Beaver, soon to be the royal beaver of sin

    Most Americans don’t understand this because we are free. The very same royal family William is spawned from was kicked out of our country centuries ago. We know there is only one king and his name is Jesus. Still, with an inbred society like England it is pretty easy to keep the public subdued by such heathen ideals.

    The average Briton is a soccer hooligan

    Being heathen idol worshipers is one thing, but the bride to be Kate Middleton may be harboring an even more sinister secret. Christwire has discovered through investigative journalism that Ms. Middleton spent two of her formative years in the Middle East learning Islamic culture and how to hate America.

    How is that for publishing a drawn picture of Muhammad, terrorists!

    Is it possible that her prior relationship with William was a ploy to get information vital to the subway attacks that happened in London? She could have dumped him off as soon as she got what she needed. Now possibly some bigger attack is being prepared. Maybe that’s why all of a sudden these two are getting married. She needed more information, so she turned to her old stooge.

    He thinks it's a football

    The spectacle of their unholy union will be taking place at an ungodly hour. 4 AM for those of us in the states. No doubt replays will be plastered all over the liberal television news media, as will replays of the attacks that are soon to be launched will play over and over again on our screens as well.

    This is what London will look like when Kate Middleton is through with it

    Staunch conservatives in America are quietly questioning whether this Kate Middleton is indeed who she says she is, and wondering why she hasn’t come forward with a birth certificate. Also, being in such a position with our strategic allies in England, exactly what American secrets might she be privy to? Is it possible that her knowledge could be used to not only attack Great Britain, but the United States as well?

    Her wedding dress

    Prince William is British, and they tend to be weak of constitution. It is no wonder to real Americans how a woman infiltrated his future regime. However, this time it may be at our very own expense.

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