• Kenyan Conjoins with Furries Against PeTA (FAPers) in Sexy-time Conga Line Congress

    April 29, 2011 3:13 pm 9 comments

    PeTA, the militant animal activist group that applies a conservative, right-wing approach to left wing animal issues, has amassed a conga line of enemies that rivals African dictators of the Gold Coast. The brand that is PeTA has long championed the “ethical” treatment of animals to the degree of zealotry of a snarling rabid pregnant Pit Bull has a new Kenyan nemesis in its war against bestiality. This marks the first occasion a sitting president has openly shown disrespect for PeTA and openly yiffed with the Furry subculture.

    Hop Hop Hop

    Just as one can be judged on the integrity of one’s friends, so it may be said of one’s enemies. White Trashians, Snake Handlers, Jews, Homo Gays, Fapping Furries and the Retarded have long held animosity toward the group.

    PeTA co-founder Ingrid Newkirk once said, “Even if animal tests produced a cure for AIDS, we’d be against it.”

    “We feel that animals have the same rights as retarded children.” -Alex Pacheco, Director, PeTA.org

    “Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughter houses.” -Ingrid Newkirk, President, PeTA.org

    For those unaware, Furries are those jism-matted-furried-mascot-costume animal people that like to fly the freak flag of free love in a puppy pile orgy of anthropomorphic fornication and six nipple semi-vegan noshing.

    The anti-PeTA campaign FAP is in response to PeTA’s jack boot approach to eliminate the sick debasement of animals as sexual slaves depicted in Furries’ artwork, the use of feathers and fur (both simulated and actual) for the fur sicko lifestyle and the sodomy and abject animal fondling that is rampant within the Furry community.

    Most Christians find both groups disgusting and misaligned with the Conservative values of eating meat and avoiding sexual congress with animals.

    While Furries are an abomination and a gaytway to bestiality, PeTA endorses nudity, eating no meat, and equates cats and dogs to retarded children. FAP’ers have conjoined with homo gays in co-offence with PeTA’s stance on using animals for testing gay disease and treatment, but never with a sitting president. Shocking evidence of PeTA’s work can be seen here.

    Put some clothes on

    This is why we can't take the kids to Petsway

    going bear


    Is that cameraman close enough?

    peek a boo

    Examination of the Traits Inherent in the PeTA Acolyte

    Many of the adherents of PeTA have disturbing personality traits that reflect the core values of the organization’s management. In psych-speech it is a set of neuroses rooted in fear and aggression, dogmatism and the intolerance of ambiguity seeded from past traumas during menstruation.

    The high number of childless spinsters within the PeTA group is alarming. Many lesbian and childless women unfit for marriage find safe harbor in pretending animals are their children. They receive favorable outlets for innate nurturing instincts in a non-speaking living being unchallenged by the cognitive back talk and parenting skills needed for a real child.

    The jack boot leadership style is a direct result of feckless parenting, commonly attributed to the Mother figure, which allows for ineffective “no compromise” negotiation techniques. It truly is a one way communication style intended to serve the primary goal of elevating animals above the needs of people. It is PeTA’s way or the highway.

    The level of deviancy within the group is common. Deviancies including unhealthy hoarding, use of vulgar language and vegetarianism are rampant. A higher than average number of members are female deviants who hold either a higher than average number of sexual partners or will promulgate events of self pleasure to complete strangers for added verve and zest. All this is wrapped in a package of calling to a higher animal-saving purpose.

    Zealots of this group despise human interaction above all. They will, in their sickness, attempt to elevate animals above the rank of humanity at all costs and use their “good works” as shine cloths to polish the blood rich pulsing staffs of the id and ego.

    Supplicants seeking favor with outsiders will secretly harbor discriminating viewpoints and will lash out violently when challenged into a corner, but will hypocritically demand others adhere to a more passive code of conduct.

    Protocols for interaction with these peculiar prickly pears are confined to the whim and fancy of the supplicants and can be unpredictable. They will let others know when their dogmatic rules for conduct have been breached, but never reveal those protocols in advance. They are commonly discarded from outside groups and find few areas of welcome for their more obnoxious communication traits and hierarchical world view only after difficult, volatile interactions.

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