• LA Weekly Tries to Challenge ChristWire to a Gay Fight

    April 27, 2011 9:55 pm 17 comments


    Once again the foolish fou-fou homo gay boys and girls at LA-LA Weekly are beguiled with self importance and turn away from the truth of Fellowship and Faith found in the forums and illuminated articles of Chris†Wire. They attack and smack out with silken web design luring the unsuspecting to believe their wonton lies as fact. Facked fakery such as this cannot go unpunished and deserves comment.

    Tyson Bower’s work on Coachella was inspired and saved millions from the jism junkies and bum bumping harlotry attracted to the lights and music of Satan’s salad bar. Not a single mention in this homo-gay “La-La Times” of Tyson’s sweat and tears. Mr. Bower’s shear faith to singlehandedly stroke down the flesh scepter of evil saving innocent children from the brutal debasement and possible death shoved down their tender throats is nothing short of heroic. His words are a cool tonic for the unwashed and hapless that could have been sucked into the depths of debauchery that is Coachella.

    But Great Achievement Garners Notice from the Depraved

    This Bryan Butvidas and Kirwin Watson are demon trolls for filth. That fact is the only thing this tinkle-stained butt rag journalist seems to get correct in what passes for journalism. These two posers seem to thrill at mocking the gentle loving fellowship of Chris†Wire and want to take credit for God’s work.

    I read recently that the fellowship congregate exceeds the population of Vatican City, far more than the readership of the LA Times. No doubt these posers of Chris†Wire see themselves as nemeses to the Godly countenance of Tyson Bowers III and Jack Gould.

    Tread carefully trolls, these are no ordinary men and the fellowship is a powerful tsunami of faith. Some might suggest you start filling your handbags and man-purses with sand now. Articles are published; comments are entered. Never a miss-communication. No one can explain that.

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