• LaWeekly Attacks Freedom of Religion: Calls it “a Joke”

    April 27, 2011 10:52 pm 118 comments

    One of the greatest written movies of all time contained the now infamous line:

    “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” 

    The line instantly reverberates to the reader that if Satan ever revealed his true obvious self to the world that he would have no chance, everyone, worldwide, would flock to the true Lord God and Savior. The devils plan has been subtle; he pretends he is not here, that he does not walk among us, that there is nothing to run from, or even worse… that there is nothing to run to.


    In my time here I have noticed the same trick being played on visitors to our fellowship. People accuse our fellowship of not existing, they come and spout there hate, call us trolls. Today the LaWeekly online magazine called us “A joke” . My friends, this is another trick, worthy of the devil himself. Thousands of us call chrisTwire our fellowship our home in these hard times. The liberal medias only hope is to silence us by marginalizing our words. They call us jokes, trolls, or even satirists. We have been compared to the onion; an internets site that ceased to be humorous years ago. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I myself have written articles condemning racism , defending a liberal’s freedom of speech , maintaining core Christian values , and even some uplifting sports pieces . I find none of these subjects funny or even “a joke”. I do not see the LaWeekly covering these articles; they pick and choose what they want to, only to further their own agenda.

    The La Weekly claims to have “talked to” some site owners that profit off us somehow. As a contributor who has written dozens of articles I have never heard of these two pretenders. I have golfed with Deacon Bowers, I have provided Dr. Nelson with connections and labor in his fight against disease in third world countries, and I have conversed with Pastor Jack many times via email. But I have never talked to anyone that has met or knows of the peoples mentioned as their source. This site has never asked the fellowship or visitors for a dime. Some ad revenue is made I’m sure, but I doubt it comes close to even covering production and hosting costs.

    chrisTwire does bring together lots of types, as with any large group there are a few unsavory fringe elements.. But most the people here are regular nice folk. I met Blanche Beecham here, a wonderful old soul with a wonderful gift for elegance. I have also met several people who have personally made me a better person, RD, a self-described lesbian libertarian who, while we don’t agree with everything, has taught me a thing or two about tolerance and reminded me what it’s like to be young. After all, there are approximately twenty five thousand regular fellowship members; there are no “jokes” this big. Only diversity.

    I wish to ask readers to look at which site might be the “troll”

    The LaWeekly today has headlines and links titled:

    Marilyn Davenport Expressed Anti-Muslim Sentiment Before Obama-is-a-Chimp Scandal
    Who’s Bashing Bieber? A Celebrity Checklist
    Oh Cancer, Up Yours: Appreciating Poly Styrene
    Cobrasnake: Bathing Beauties
    Four Loko Study: Caffeine Ingredient Further Impairs Judgement, But Actually Helps With Response Time

    (Yes the LaWeekly misspelled “judgment” in the title)

    Compare that to chrisTwire articles

    Weekly Bible Study
    Is “Portal 2″ Safe for the Christian Family?
    Salvation Army, Doctors Without Borders, Blue Sky and American Red Cross – Ways to Help in the Japanese Recovery Effort
    Is The US Military Out Of Control?
    Fellow Media and Politicians, Please Stop Using the Arizona Shooting As Political Propaganda Against Your Adversaries

    Who is the troll now?
    Fellowship, stand firm, liberals like the LaWeekly only make us more steadfast in our faith.
    For today: WeAwesome

    About me: August Weisz D.Eng (48, retired. I am a married father and regular contributor/member of the fellowship here at chrisTwire. My life’s work was bringing water and waterpower to the western United States. Some of my greatest accomplishments have been in the minimization of salmon mortality as smolts work their way to the Pacific and in the reduction of water evaporation in the irrigation canals used in the desert regions of central Washington State and southern Idaho. Now retired I spend my time working some land in beautiful North Idaho with my even more beautiful wife.

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