• Liberal Racism in America: Band-Aids

    April 18, 2011 3:34 pm 19 comments

    Watching the NBA playoffs on TV yesterday, I noticed that all the Africans were wearing Caucasian Band-Aids. I could not figure out why, so I decided to investigate the issue further.

    Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of Band-Aids, is a well-known typical liberal company that supports ObamaCare. It creates a large percentage of its corporate profits by keeping minority classes in poverty so the liberal politicians in their pocket can justify overtaxing the wealthy. Johnson & Johnson then keeps an even larger percentage of the socialist pie for itself.

    It is Pure Racism

    Not making Band-Aids for Africans is very racist and typical of the liberals who fought to divide our nation and keep slavery intact. After all they make…

    Band-Aids for Mexicans:


    Homo-Gay Males:

    Hippie Drug Users:

    Even for Sothern Crackers:

    Why can’t they make them for Africans?

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