• Lightning Strikes White House On Easter

    April 26, 2011 3:16 pm 17 comments

    This was the scene in Washington, as only over one day ago God let it be known that he is now striking down America.  God decided to choose Easter, the day of the birth of our nation’s savior, to show that Barack Hussein Obama stands against America.

    Easter is a holiday hated by all Muslims and atheists.  Year after year, we have shown how fundamentalist atheists commit hate crimes toward Christians by posting image after image of zombie Jesus images and jokes.  Even after we asked them to stop, they again did not relent and emailed us a slew of sacrilege images.

    There is a new trend of hate in America.  The left-wing media is source of the torrential current of hate that’s been pushed against people who stand for Conservative Values and America’s Christian tradition.  Obama makes light of the fact that he cannot prove his birth origin.  Obama lies through his mouth every time he says he is a “Christian”.  There was one other man, whose actions were not Christian but he tried to claim morality:  Adolph Hitler.

    And much like Hitler, Obama does not celebrate Easter.  On Easter Sunday, 2011, for the first time in the history of America, a president did not give an Easter address or speech.  Obama was offended by the day and only made a novelty apperance with an Easter bunny.  Not once did Obama properly address our nation’s Savior and give thanks for his sacrifice on Calvary.

    For the first time in the History of America, the White House failed to deliver an Easter proclamation.

    The Obamas only took novelty pictures with the Easter bunny and refused to loudly and constantly admit praise and thanks to our nation’s Savior. These actions will only stew the wrath of God and the day comes where we will all suffer because Obama is a Muslim and not an American.

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