• Monkey Mockery: Liberals Finally Deny Evolution

    April 19, 2011 4:35 pm 50 comments
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  • Recently an email was leaked that contained a photographic reproduction of Obama and his parents as chimpanzees.
    Fake or not?

    The email was sent by Marilyn Davenport, a Southern California Tea Party activist and member of the Orange County Republican Party, and was titled: ‘Now you know why – no birth certificate.’

    Tea partiers not racist
    chrisTwire Tea Party insiders had this to comment:

    “The picture is a hyperbolic representation that reflects a wholesale rejection of evolution and racism. People are not monkeys. Especially American born presidents! To consider this as some sort of joke is unfounded. The photograph does illustrate how ludicrous the idea of evolution is – as if American’s would elect a monkey president, it is ridiculous! We do demand our Presidents are of native birth, but not when the nation is native Kenya.”

    Californians fail America yet again.
    In an unprecedented continuation of political failure that is California. Even republicans have turned on themselves over this row.

    “I was shocked and offended and I immediately replied to her and told her that this was dripping with racism,” said Scott Baugh, chairman of the RPOC. “It was sent in poor taste and she should never send an email like that to me again.”

    Baugh said someone on the 73-member committee leaked the email to the OC Weekly. Davenport has repeatedly said she has no plans to resign.

    Socialists use this to forward their own agenda.
    Civil rights activists called on Davenport to step down and for the Republican Party to kneel directly to the Kenyan.

    “It’s vile, it’s despicable and on top of that, it’s racist. It’s a racist slap at the president,” said Earl Ofari Hutchinson, president of the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable. “We are accepting nothing less than Marilyn Davenport’s resignation, immediately.”

    NCAAP once again doesn’t overreact.

    “There are no ifs, ands, or buts about this cartoon, it is absolutely and positively racist in nature,” the statement said. “There is no way that depicting the President of the United States as less than human can be considered anything but a racist act. History has shown that Blacks have been depicted in this fashion in the past to degrade African Americans as not human. Anyone who does not know this history is either ignorant, had their head buried in the sand; or as we at the NAACP believe Simply Racist.”

    The NCAA then went on to demand entitlement programs and reparations for blacks only, while dining at their annual chicken and waffle house conference.

    seed spitting good

    Evolutionists offended
    “Evolution is widely accepted within the liberal community except for when we talk about Africans. They consider themselves special. Generations of cannibalism may have led to an evolutionary aberration unable to see neither logic nor reason” responded Carton D Joergon, Professor Emeritus at Evergreen State College in Washington.

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