• Nearly Naked Lady Pics Can’t Passover Jesus Questions

    April 19, 2011 2:08 pm 26 comments

    Jews will be celebrating Passover or Pesach just before Easter Sunday. The term Pesach is pronounced a lot like the Mexican word for coinage – ”Pay-Sah”. The festival and Jewish Holy day is to recognize when God sent the 10 plagues as a diversion so Israelites could sneak out of the bonds of slavery in Egypt.
    There are some diabolical interwebs sites that are concocting their own plagues to get the Jesus back in Passover and make everyone speak Mexican. Please review these pictures carefully before continuing.

    Jesus 1
    Jesus 3
    Jesus 3

    I’m sure everyone has the same question that plagued me.

    So Did the Jewish People Build the Pyramids?

    One could scour the internet for answers from the plucky young Atheist wanting to make a mark by playing high and mighty with the lack of historical evidence for stories in the Bible or Torah. Some claim the labor used to build the pyramids wasn’t slave labor at all. They cite historical interpretation of the time to assert these were well paid government union workers with benefits higher than the average carpenter. This is like saying the slaves of the south were not slaves at all because they had chittlin’s, lifetime employment and personal security. Seems a little yoga stretched bias – meaning one has to really want to believe the author to disbelieve the story of the Torah.

    Sometimes the answer is right in plain sight. A more compelling and reasoned argument could be made simply based on the language; the Israelites or Jews are the lost Aztec tribe. Both Jews and Aztecs are depicted as have certain nasal features. Both have dark curly hair. Both have the word “Pay-sah” as part of their culture. Both most likely built some pyramids. Just study these pictures for a moment. Doesn’t that Aztec look a lot like Adam Sandler? Of course he does because the truth shines through.

    Aztec God

    Adam, you sweetheart

    While it is hard to imagine Howard Stern building a pyramid, I think that we have enough photographic evidence to say YES, Jesus I believe in your word and the Jewish people built the pyramids, after they finished in Mexico.

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