• Never Ride A Bus in San Francisco

    April 23, 2011 8:10 pm 12 comments
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  • Bus rides in San Franciso are treachorous and scary.  One second you are marveling about how you’re saving gas money, then the next second it’s reverse gashole pumping as a gay has you pinned down against your will, fueling up your backside with their unleaded.

    It’s common in San Franciso.  The national stat is that for everyone one gay, four innocent people will be whammied in unholy ways.  This happens at random.  In the mind of a gay man, every other man is attractive.  There is one part of the body that gay’s fantasize about during the day of their little nursing and secretary jobs, and that part is the gaping sinhole where the most foul things happen.

    Gays are like swine to the muck, they love to wallow in the filthiest parts of the body and they squeal in delight when they get a helping spoonful of an unsuspecting person’s coo coo clencher.  You may think it is funny, but look at the buses in San Francisco.

    I'm not riding this bus.

    That bus says what happens in San Francisco buses.  You hop on on Main Street and think you have a ride to the upper part of town, then you find out that there are at least three gays whose daily highlight is making that advertisement true.

    As we continue to allow the gay community to openly exist and hold their owns and give each other mouth kisses with tongues in public, we will see more things like this.  Gays think it is okay to anal fornicate and that it’s just like when two dogs sniff each other to say hi.  Gays think they can just pull down your pants, stick in their gay bay miner and then ‘helllooooo’ as they squeal and your let own tortured moans as they push deeper and deeper into your privacy, your firm backside slowly loosening up as they ride you with the ferocity of a greyhound on crack-laced meth.

    It’s a scary, tragic fate but what we see playing out in San Francisco.  It’s more proof of why we must not let gays continue to set law and precedent througout this nation.

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