• New Marijuana “Doctors” Pushing “Medicinal” Marijuana, Salient Salvia and Magic Mint onto Children at California Hedge Shops

    April 24, 2011 9:38 pm 21 comments

    Two men who are purportedly doctors of 'the gentle cush', or salient Salvia, entice young beach-goers to go into their shops and get diagnosed with a condition that California's liberal law will approve to receive their new strain chemical addiction.

    The newest threat to children in California comes from men in little green suits, peddling a new breed of head shops where teenagers are being ‘medically’ approved for medicinal marijuana. The newest report and findings will shock parents and make will make you fearfully think twice when your college son or daughter beg for that next ‘$100′ for groceries.

    Medicinal marijuana. It is the latest liberal ploy to legalize dangerous, addictive chemical compounds on a national scale. Popularized by the homosexual community in the late 1990s, the concept of medicinal marijuana as a stress relief that can increase appetite in the ill is well known to physicians. As such, chemists were tasked with a federal mandate to create compounds which induce the same sensations of hunger as marijuana, but with the exception of no risk of addiction and not powering Mexican drug cartels who abduct and savage the innocent, including naive college students on spring break in border towns.

    After isolating the compound in marijuana that induces hunger, scientists have perfected its use in pill form and established this pharmaceutical as a therapeutic treatment for those with terminally ill diseases.    It is no longer necessary for people to use Salvia to induece hunger or relieve conditions such as glaucoma.

    Upset but not daunted, drug addicts and the gay community rallied to have pure THC, that is traditional magic mint marijuana, available for a variety of novelty illnesses that any corrupt doctor or lowly D.O. would dispense on the fly.

    It is this action by two dangerous societal elements, the Homosexual Gays and Drug Addicted, that has lead to the crisis we see in California today.

    After receiving several insider tips from Alex Keating and Stephenson Billings, I ventured to the notorious Venice Beach area of Los Angeles, California.  Armed with only morality and decency, I sought to explore little ‘medical campouts’ that are becoming the new head shop and quick fix for the addicted.  Attempting to hide behind liberal law, these new shops work the same as the hedge shops child psychologist Amber Cooper warned all parents about only several years ago.

    “Magic mint”, or Salvia divinorum, is a dangerous new drug that’s being sold on the internet, and as of right now it is legal for people to buy.  Teens nationwide have been uploading videos of themselves smoking and suffering from the dangerous affects of this lethal new drug,  on Youtube.

    Health officials warn that this drug has the same somatic effect as ‘pot’ (marijuana) and feels like LSD (a very dangerous drug that causes severe addiction and hallucinations).

    Like most dirty, harmful things that sneak into America, this Salvia takes its origins in Mexico.  Kids are taking to the internet in droves to find this herb, so they may smoke and chew it up to become possessed by its ill-affects.

    Even if you monitor your child’s internet access, as you’ll see kids as young as eleven have experimented with this drug and are suffering the disastrous consequences.  It is even available in hedge shops here in the bay area, being sold by names such as Purple Sticky Salvia for only $20.

    It’s tragic to think that the 20 bucks you loan to your son or daughter for a ‘trip to the mall” may actually be going on a drug that will lead them to a life of prostitution, disease and death.

    Granted that it mimics weed and LSD, this drug must be very dangerous.  Even though 13 states have already banned Salvia, 1.8 million people –many of them teens– are still using the drugs.

    And it is this market, many of them who were in the vulnerable 16 – 18 year-old drug using cohort who are now being targetted by the supposed doctors who run and operate these new breed of dangerous shops.

    As potential new drug users simply walk along the Venice boardwalk, they are accosted by men in green suits. They hold signs that say “Medical Evaluation”, making little whore antic college students from UCLA or USC think that they can figure out what’s causing the moist rash they had since the last vajazzle riddled sorority mayhem orgy party.

    What they do no know, is that these doctors will inject their arms with a concoction of bogus serums and proteins, so that it looks like their blood work indicates a vital disease. Corrupt agents in the FDA are working with Obama liberals to approve funding for new chemical compounds which comprise the same active ingredients in this new Satanic pot plant that is only know by Salient Salvia. The kids will become typical marijuana drug addicts, which may go to show why Los Angeles’ most liberal campuses are now seeing incoming freshmen students holding a pathetic 2.4 GPA upon the entering period to finals’ week.

    Scratched genitals and a tragic phone call of ‘Mom, Dad, Kelsey tricked me into becoming a collegiate father’ are no longer the greatest of your worrries, parents. There are now people with medical knowledge looking to peddle the most addictively dangerous and hallucinogenic compounds into the body of your naive college children.

    In a twisted mat of gyrating hips and steaming thighs drenched with sweat, taut and rigid in the deepest throes of confused ecstasy, the backrooms of these brothel medical clinics show that in addition to being a breeding ground for addiction, these street corner institutions serve as a new gateway for prostitution, disease and death.

    Parents of high school students, California is not a good choice for a respectable college. This new breed of hedge shop is all over Venice Beach, but also in areas such as Malibu, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, The OC, Fullerton and even as far north as Santa Barabara. This is not even touching the dark dangers the loom in East and South Central Los Angeles.

    It is imperative that we continue to research this new breed of hedge shops.  The medical purveyors of these new cornerside markets have found a loophole that allows them to peddle their new breed of drugs to college students, your precious son and daughter left stark naked before a roving horde of rabid wolves, and then sell them into a life of mangled body parts that only release their copious, weighty grip when the last moans of exhausted ecstasty come from the precious daddy’s girl who is the newest victim.

    These reports are fresh and shocking, hardly for the faint of heart.  So where is your Son or Daughter this night?  Where is your roomie, college students.  If in a place like Venice Beach, no that there is a great chance — over 50% — they are on the proverbial highway to hell.

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