• Princess Kate Middleton Tries to Snog Prince William in Front of Royal Wedding Guests!? (Photograph Evidence)

    April 29, 2011 5:52 pm 15 comments

    There is perversion in the House of Windsor.  It shall fall by the hand of the Almighty, who frowns on all such things.  Today I launched an investigation based on my gut instinct, that the camera work from the Royal Wedding was patently shoddy.  It was clippy and surreal, as if there was a ten second delay to play up images in photoshop to make them look more storybook, and then maybe, to edit out the ‘royals’ natural raunchiness.

    I commissioned several interns to spend a week in UK and to gain access to the royal procession.  In this time, the students did well in obtaining interview and crowd reaction which will be presented over the next week.  The most shocking image, however, is of Princess Kate Middleton trying to give unholy mouth sex acts to Prince William in front of wedding guests.WARNING:  THE FOLLOWING IMAGE MEDIA CONTAINS GRAPHIC DISPLAY OF UNTARNISHED ROYAL BEHAVIOR.  THIS IS PRIME PERVERSION OF THE WORST DEGREE.  DEMAND ALL WOMEN AND CHILDREN LEAVE THE ROOM AND THE DOOR IS LOCKED BEFORE FIRST PRAYING AND THEN VIEWING.

    The immediate reaction is chaos and shock from the eyes of the innocent.  One precious little girl is so shocked by what she’s seeing, the serpent flesh of Satan entering the snake hole of the princess mouth in uncouth ways, that she covers her ears instead of her eyes.

    The power of sin is so strong here, that the girl forgot the eyes are for seeing and ears are from hearing.  The other girl becomes cross-eyed in shock and in the right background, a royal butler quickly turns his back and pretends he does not see this monarchal mouthwork in the carriage.

    Willie is seriously getting his willie tingled, so it can only be assumed that America’s “William” Clinton gave the prince some pointers on how to make your subservients little prostitutes without shame.   The royal family has no morals and this is more proof.

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