• Proof Liberals are Both Druggies and Dumb

    April 28, 2011 12:45 pm 5 comments
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  • Registered Liberal and Obama Voter Kelly Gene Gibson was arrested for inhaling paint fumes with the intent to become intoxicated. This is Mr. Gibson’s 48th time being arrested for this crime.


    As seen in the above mug shot, officers found an impaired Gibson covered in silver paint. He was booked into the Allen County jail for allegedly inhaling toxic vapors.

    ACLU comes to his defense

    “Merry L” an ACLU supporter had this to say:

    Our nation’s Constitution contains the right to huff. It’s right there next to the right to kill your children before they’re born. Paint huffing must remain safe and legal. You conservatives would turn back the clock, forcing these distraught and despairing unemployed young Obama voters to the back alley behind the paint store, dumpster diving for the last remnants of paint fumes from dented cans whose caps are missing. Think for a minute, cruel and heartless conservatives: What if they break a fingernail trying to push down on the capless plastic pistons?


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