• Protests Against ChristWire at Cal State Fullerton

    April 26, 2011 7:56 pm 9 comments
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  • Last week I went down to Cal State Fullerton to interview with Mike Watson and Bryan Blake, since they were at Fullerton.

    I’ve never gone to the area before but judging that the school’s mascot is a giant elephant, I thought I’d be treated to a sweet campus of big Republicans. Instead, it seems your mascot should be a giant jackass, Cal Fullerton.

    Northridge is where it’s at and I’m happy to have spent some semesters there before heading out East for school and forming my band.

    I must say that the protests were horrible. I was in the hall when Mike and Bryan first entered, and just hearing all the cussing and cursing was pretty horrible. You think that people would be civil enough to not cuss and berate media figures, but what an embarassment.

    Flamebroiler KitchenI’m hypoglycemic and had to take off before their first lecture. I ran across the street to eat at a surprisingly awesome place named Flamebroiler. The food was ace.

    The students at Fullerton, however, were not. Getting back to the campus, I ran into some girl who was griping about being called an “Atheist Jew” by Bryan Blake. Another girl was crying and I asked her what was wrong. She said she felt confused about politics and being a ‘leech off the college financial assistance’ programs. I told her she should feel bad and she ran off crying some more.

    A bunch of estrogen laced hippe cry babies. You would think the Coachella festival sprouted ovaries and had a baby with Gilbert Godfriend from all the grating crying and squawks of protest floating through the air.

    All that said, I did get to sneak into the second lecture and masquerade as a student. Mike and Bryan were brilliant and their moral savvy shushed the naysayers in an advanced economic class. As we saw from the professor in the video, even he was stunned and silenced by their genius.

    All-in-all, Fullerton is a nice looking campus but the students are disgustingly liberal socialists. I’m happy Pastor Jack Gould and Chuck Reagan were able to lobby for budget cuts for California schools like this. Also, Go Northridge.

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