• Royal Wedding Guest List Reveals Bleak Future for England

    April 23, 2011 8:39 pm 11 comments
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    Prince William and future Princess Kate Middleton have released their royal wedding list, it looks like a glum good’ol boys club of socialism and communist tricksters lays in Englands future.

    England is an island nation full of no good royal redcoat bootlicking King George sympathizers.  Only 250 years ago, these people had America enslaved.  The English were so greedy they even brought over African-Americans from Africa to force them to be slaves too and did untold horrors to our natives as well.

    It was with good men like George Washington that we said no to red coat tyranny.  With God as our guarantor, we wrote the Declaration of Independence.  We told England to release their Satanic grip from our pure nation of Republican values, we told them that the sun will set on the British Empire and the dawn of their doom would be the good, hard-working farmers of America.   We told them a new master of humanity would arise. And we did.

    We freed ourselves from their terror and then we freed all the lesser countries too.  We set free the African Americans and even gave the Indians land to call their own, after all the horrors they suffered under British rule.

    As time grew to pass, England’s jealousy seethed.  We destroyed their ‘king’ and made a new government by the people and for the people.  We created One Nation of values, morality and conservatism, under a Christian tradition and a Godly heritage.  We became America, the Beautiful.

    Angry and jealous like a black mother on Maury Povich who just found out her baby daddy was the baby daddy of three other women, England cast themselves into a blind rage.  Throwing shoes and chairs and anything else they could get, in 1812 they sneaked into our country with the Canadians and burned DC to the ground.  Our True Commander in Chief, God, called a great rain to cast the fire out and again, we beat down the ‘king’ of England, a false man who masquerades as a divine power, and chased them out of our country.

    To this day, England has not learned their lesson.  They wonder why they are the fallen people, the forgotten Anglos.  Why did America have to save them from the tyranny of the Germans and the Chinese, even though they never apologized for burning down DC and casting us all to slavery and not paying reparations?

    England really showed ugly colors.  They burned down churces with proper people inside.  They would butcher the family of good men, proper men of this land out of rage and anger.  It was as if the combined spirts of Hitler and Stalin collided, giving a homosexual birth to a very sassy offspring of no morals and political decency.

    God blessed America to stand strong and fight back against the liberal land of England.

    Now we see they are making a big deal about this wedding.  Why do we care that the family of people who would dare strike down America and plot to overthrow the White House and our sitting president is having a wedding.  They invite the Beckham’s and Elton John to their wedding, and their armies.  Why would America care about this.

    It is all pretty frustrating and the only thing I can guarantee is that the day will come when England will be punished for their crimes against America and humanity.  It is not all royal weddings and God is just being polite now.  The ‘monarch’ of England is a women and God is a gentleman, so he can’t really hit you guys too hard yet.  Just a little gentle tap to let you know that you’re wrong.

    But when a new “King of England” is proclaimed, beware!  Tornadoes!  Great floods!  Freezing rains that never let up!  You will be punished with famine, England, for what you have done and not bowing before a true king.

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