• Royal Wedding Reveals More Reasons We Look Down on The Brits

    April 29, 2011 12:56 pm 23 comments
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  • The royal wedding fiasco is finally over.  Like many here, I had to sit through hours of girls retelling their wedding stories and how they think it would be so cool to marry a prince and future king.  Then when the ceremony started, the typical estrogen jealousy that leads to things like “Her dress is plain” “Her train is short” “Her dress isn’t white she is not pure”as they fawned and whetted themselves on William of Wale’s every vowing word.

    That said, you can tell the Brits are not quite right in the head.  There are capital cities with smaller populations than what showed up to give hoorahs for the Windsow clan.  It seems that in this day and age, a family who built its might on the blood of others and then lives like a black welfare mother off the hard work of others, you would treat them just like that.

    If Prince William were black and Kate’s name Katrina McNastyattitude, you can bet the Brits would never want him anywhere but in a thick walled Hyde Park prison.  There are the people who sailed rickety ships all the damn way down to Australia to get ‘criminals’ off their land.  These are the people who made sport of hunting down blacksc and other natives, claiming every damn swath of land as their own.

    And this is the family the world celebrates today?

    I really wish George Washington had more cajones, because he would have put out an eternal mandate that we have an eternal right, no, a duty, to force any ‘royalty’ from Britain into hard labor.  The Brits are basically assholes of the Earth and they revel in their smug glory and fashion.

    What the hell is that?  It looks like Smurfette wanted to whore herself a little more, so bought bigger peacock plummage.  Do British smurfs still smurff each other in the smurff, or are the smug rat bastards still too fancy for that and instead foonfaggle or pussyfeather their lufferduffers.  Who knows but that’s the type of people we’re dealing with here.  Notice that the hat looks like a cyanotic sin beaver.

    This one photograph proves why our forefathers had to save the world from the arrogant tyranny of the redcoats.  These women actually think that they are so much better than everyone, that they can wear this stuff and fully get away with it.


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