• Sarah Silverman Finds Work Pushing Liberal Agenda On CBS

    April 1, 2011 11:09 am 4 comments
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  • Sarah, either deficating or doing her comedy, I can't tell whichBreaking news out of Hollywood: Unfunny liberal and noted bed wetter Sarah Silverman is no longer unemployed. Although one episode can hardly be considered a job, the possible lesbian and probable harlot will be making an appearance on the legal drama, “The Good Wife”.

    This is noteworthy since the last we heard from Sarah was the Jew mongering she did for Barack Obama during the last election. Being notorious for being irrelevant, the desperation to whore the spotlight was understandable. She has displayed a penchant for such a thing for quite some time now (Read: her entire career) by being ‘controversial’ on issues such as abortion and keeping her clothes on.

    Too bad neither ever got her the attention she craves so desperately.

    It is not from a lack of opportunities. After years of playing second fiddle to other such liberal b-list actors as Ben Stiller and ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel, in 07 she finally landed a television show of her own. It was short lived, however, when no one found her to be funny and awkward silences prevailed when studio audiences did not understand when they were supposed to laugh.

    Even taking off her clothes didn’t seem to work for her, as the size of her teeth often outshines any other asset she may have, comedy not being one of them. Underneath the facade of off color remarks and blatant racism, one can tell she is just a scared little girl, hiding from Jesus while trying to get everyone else in the world to pay attention to her.

    Trying her hand at drama now, since comedy didn’t work out, could be a train wreck worth watching.

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