• Sharia Alert: Judge Judy is Next!

    April 16, 2011 12:42 am 14 comments

    Barak Hussein Obama promised “Change you can believe in”, but the latest move from this closet Islamist has left me shaking in rage. Up to now, the few remaining conservatives in Congress have been able to stop the Lefties attack on our constitution and our Christian way of life by passing laws to keep Sharia law out of our court rooms. But never let your guard down.

    Obama’s latest move is to bypass the constitution by forcing Sharia law into the court room of beloved Jewess Judge Judy. You see, her TV court room is considered a court of arbitration, not a government court, and as such is not protected by our Christ-authored constitution. This latest threat on our freedom is master minded by media puppet master George Soros under the guise of “cultural diversity.” Sources report that the White House has already received agreement from the syndicated network to force the Judge known for promoting strong conservative Christian values to instead have a weekly “Sharia Tuesday”, where she is forced to judge cases based solely on teachings of the Koran every week.

    One can only imagine the harsh punishments inflicted on unsuspecting Americans as they find themselves crushed under the cruel laws of the Islamist thugocracy. How soon before the first stoning? Or worse! Kiss goodbye the reasonable laws founded on the compassionate Mosaic code that forms the basis of our way of life, and get ready for women to loose the right to drive, as is already the case in India and other Muslim countries.

    The most disturbing part of this breaking news is that I have yet to hear anything from the RINO’s over at Fox News. It is urgent that you join me in writing Glenn Beck and beg him to please get the word out about this attack on our Christ-blessed country. Perhaps Beck or Sarah Palin could even lead another rally to help us defend against this attack on our innocent white children. Imagine your daughter having her hand cut off for going to the prom as is already the case in Turkey!

    Obama wasn’t satisfied with the radical muslim mosque that is being built in the penthouse of the new Freedom Tower that sits on the sacred ground of 9/11. He won’t be satisfied until every god fearing Christian in this great country of ours is forced to memorize the Koran in Arabic.

    Please write to Glenn Beck immediately and beg him to cover this terrifying defeat of our American freedoms!

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