• Spoilers – The Dark Knight Rises 2012 – Two Mad Hatters To Be in Movie (Photos!)

    April 30, 2011 11:20 am 4 comments
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  • Spoilers for the upcoming Christoper Nolan epic and conclusion to the new Batman movie franchise!  Batman is a patently homosexual character, donning midriffs and renaming young boys as “Robin”, forcing them to painfully endure a tight exercise regimine that produces seductively tense abs and impossibly taut thighs, that powerfully emerge from pubescence in knitted stocking.

    Together, the duo goes out into the dead heats of sweaty Gotham nights, together using close teamwork to overcome the sharp blades and bondage traps of various enemies who seek to rend their flesh in perverted carnal fantasy.  When the release and overcoming moment climaxes, the heroes set back off to the bat cave where an elderly gentleman soothes their stinging wounds in a smooth water’s warm, steamy sponge bath with exotic soaps.  This is homosexuality at its finest, friends.

    And despite that, the news of the Two Mad Hatters that will be in the upcoming movie is utterly shocking.

    It turns out filming for the new Dark Knight Rises movie involves more than a rising phallus from questionable excitement of a young man’s bent and teasing backside, sprawled in naivete before its looming master of the Batcave.  These two princesses have the maddest hats and the only reasonable explanation is that the Dark Knight will be borrowing actual footage from the Royal Wedding, so as to make it look even more gritty, dangerous and surreal.

    Nolan is a master strategist and having actual members of the Royal Family in his final chapter of Batman will underline international sales, in addition to providing a coarse realism that is rarely seen in superhero film.

    Even though the film stands against American values by its very comic book homosexual induction championed by Joe Queseda and Marvel origins, we will see when we review this movie on its release to warn parents about how it is responsible for destroying the life of their children and leading them to gay thoughts and resultant teenage pregnancy, it has a subtle brilliance in its strategy of making this ‘a real situation’ for all viewers.

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