• Steven Tyler Violates FCC F*ck Limit on American Idol

    April 21, 2011 11:44 am 7 comments

    Steven Tyler Says the F*ck Word on American Idol and Admits He Wants to F*ck Jennifer Lopez in the mouth, On Live Air

    Every day across America, we see that the young populace has an inner struggle of decency.  Kids are left wondering if homosexuality is normal?  Should they listen to their professor and finish the assignment, or go on a coke-binge behind the Mexican Cantina with the winos after classes?

    There was a time in America where men were proper gentlemen and young women knew their role as future mothers.  There was morality and decency.  Leave it to Beaver and Lassie were the talk of the town, where Eddie Haskel’s sophomoric antics were the dream stuff for fraternal pranks and no female would dare try to vajazzle her way into a child support commissioned future.

    But now, we see raunchiness.  The backside of every guy and girl is an advertisement for carnal pleasure, with the words ‘Juicy” or “Denim Delight” plastered across.  Out of the mouth of babes, flow the words “F*ck” and “M*sturbate”, as if these terms were not dirty.

    When we see this sudden degredation in society, we must know there is a source.  But who can be so diseased as to corrupt the pliable minds of our naive college students and lower.  Who could really be so raunchy as to do such things?

    Glam rocker Steven Tyler uses Hollywood plastic surgery to package his vulgarity in the appearnces of a retired geriatric grandmother in Florida with a taste for bug-eyed glasses and shopping for batteries at the local Go-mart.

    To quickly earn the trust of a child, any homosexual or child snatcher will tell you that you need to look non-threatening.  Perhaps that is why ratings seeking American Idol hired Steven Tyler this season. 

    As you can see to the left, you would think that it is The Little Old Lady from Pasadena.  But this is not a granny on the go, but rather, a glam rocker on the snow. 

    Through crack-induced lyrics and heroine fueled concerts, Tyler and his band Aerosmith have to at least contributed to the spread of teenage pregnancy and STD/STI by +4%.

    Every Aerosmith concert is the same.  It starts with ancient hair ballads where the band lets the backstage drugs and memories of exploited college girls, sprawled in a musty orgy of sweat and sticky hair-spray bong residue, collide with obscene vocal crescendos and country fair guitar riffs.  It is at this point that the band collides with the modern, the shame of their age hidden by auto-tuned samplings and lip-syncing, which the audience is too distracted to notice from the freely passed acid drops and X tabs. 

    Seeing young men pinned down against their will by gangs of purple haired raver girls and homosexual Tyler fans is not uncommon at Aerosmith concerts.  Many a good college man has woken up with sore backside and shameful memories, dropping out of school and turning to a life of LSD and black ice to cloud the mind’s hippocampus.  Perhaps this is why American Idol chose Steven Tyler to become its new face, to attact the supple college man and go-along female with novelty.

    People see Tyler and they cannot imagine the horror he represents.  Who would think that a kind old lady with big, bug glasses and wielding a delicious apple pie could hold crass, vulgar parties? 

    Tyler is bringing is brand of concert standards to the home screen now and this week’s American Idol is all the proof parents should need to know why this show is dangerous and all children should be forbidden from watching it. 

    This week’s offensive sequence took place when a singer named Casey Abrams performed a song which seemed suspiciously familiar and plagiarized.  Pretending as to not notice this fact, Tyler watched in amusment as Abrams rushed from the stage and began to kiss Jennifer Lopez in front of children.  The shocking moment did not cause the live show to drop coverage, as Abrams and Lopez began to canoodle and children in the audience could be heard screaming and crying.

    As the light skinamax session concluded with Lopez becoming visibly riled and turned on, as the performer Abrams looked around with a face of smug accomplishment, Steven Tyler said, “That’s f*cking great”.  He was excited about his front row seat to a new celeb raunch tape.

    As if this were not bad enough, as children were now crying from hearing bad words and seeing an impromptu Tijuana alley donkey show, Tyler used innuendo and slipped his tongue threw a cutout saying that is what he’s been waiting four weeks to do to Jennier Lopez and it will be his ‘new album cover’.

    Why would Lythgoe and company allow this to happen on air?  Why is Obama not demanding Tyler and Lopez to apologize for their ratings grabbing antics? 

    It is all political and money-launderings.  Our children are being extorted for political agenda and for their dollar.  Randy Jackson is inconsequential in all this, he’s just another ‘brotha’ in the music industry.  Lopez, however, represents lust and fornication.  That is why the producers let Abrams assault her and turn her to ecstasy live on air.  They want college students and the 16-32 demographic to have the site of a hot Mexican mami being turned on burned into their memory, so they will be enticed to turn back in next week.

    Then, we have Steven Tyler.  He comes with the meagerness of a granny, but as his concerts prove, will gyrate hips and screech until all listeners wake up groggy and unfocused, wondering why they have a rash in their nether regions and the pregnancy test is coming back with a pink happy face.  It is a mixture of homosexual lust and backside fornicated must.  Look at Tyler and Lopez in the image, then the thin faced Seacrest and you can see that this show is all about temptation to get ratings.  It is not really about the music.

    There is a limit to how many times one can curse on air and for years, media mongols like Howard Stern and Rachel Maddow have crossed the lines. Spitting the venom of lies and deceit, they go on curse word laced tirades against all things moral and use shock value to trick crying young to accept their bullish agenda. It is the technique that we must stand against and we must demand a strict limit on curse words. Lewis Black was once silenced by this in comedy clubs by our will and now we must make sure this same limit applies to big television as well.


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