• There Is No Male-Female Wage Gap. New Study Reveals Women Somehow Making More Than Men

    April 15, 2011 9:13 pm 68 comments

    Hello, good friends.  My name is Mike Watson and there is one question that presses upon my mind and will resonate within your heart today.  Why are America’s young men making 8% less than women?

    The measure of a society’s worth and power is directly related to the prominence of its men. A cursory look about the globe and history will reveal the power of this truth. Men who earn strong salaries from hard work and virtue are more apt to wisely protect the cultural condition of their country.

    In America, we’re facing economic turmoil. The left-wing radicals have long ago hijacked decency and have executed a brutal sanction upon morality. Bereft of values, we’ve seen America fall to the sharp axe of feminism. Gritty by its very nature and sprawling itself to unfathomable proportions, the gaping agenda of Feminism spreads a musty disease throughout its society, far worse than any even found on the raunchiest 4 a.m. Vegas bedsheets.

    Shocking new reports reveal that there is no longer a Male-Female wage gap. Economists from the Wall Street Journal have released a factual study that shows a gut-checking fact: (in) single, childless urban workers between the ages of 22 and 30, women earn 8% more than men.

    Liberals love to make absurd, baseless claims, citing that society is ruled by an obscene, fat-cat patriarchy where women and other minorities cannot get a fair shake. This is simple malarkey and the type of double-speak that keeps black people oppressed in ghettos and Obama Mommas doling out welfare babies.

    Let’s talk real facts. Let’s talk about mathematical statistics.

    The unemployment rate is consistently higher among men than among women. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 9.3% of men over the age of 16 are currently out of work. The figure for women is 8.3%. Unemployment fell for both sexes over the past year, but labor force participation (the percentage of working age people employed) also dropped. The participation rate fell more among men (to 70.4% today from 71.4% in March 2010) than women (to 58.3% from 58.8%). That means much of the improvement in unemployment numbers comes from discouraged workers—particularly male ones—giving up their job searches entirely.
    Source – Wall Street Journal

    American men have been broken by the iron whip of feminism and liberal policy. No longer is a man the master of his domain. What we have today is a society ruled by drunken lies of Democrats who propose policies that require ridiculous funding, so that the government can grow to obscene proportions and further control our lives. The more control the government has on your wallet, America, the more you will depend on men like Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden to tuck your children in at night, whispering Satanic ideas into their ears as a lullaby.

    It is already a hassle for men to get into college and to avoid the vajazzled temptations of prowling sorority women and professors, desperate to score themselves a man and guaranteed child support ticket upon their graduation.  It is a tough road, because young women are given every opportunity to succeed while men are pushed aside, falsely heralded as a mean oppressor when if fact they only want to focus on edifying their mind for a successful future.

    And in the minds of our college children, twirl the sulfur laden whispers of fork-tongued democrats, who well never admit the truth.  Young men are told they will be successful, and now we see, men who are in the 22 – 30 year old age bracket make 8% less than women.

    Politicians scramble to find the answers to our downfall, friends.  Why does America falter, bowing before the dragon throne of the terrifying Chinese.  Is it because we’ve betrayed our national heritage, voting for a man of questionable roots and religious affiliation to lead this great society?

    Did our building of an economy on a risky economic bubble subsidy, guaranteed by faulty home loans of people who could not maintain their payments contribute to this hard time?  Perhaps.

    But there is one problem, one brewed long ago and steeping to a burning explosion in the 1920s that’s at work here.  We’re talking about feminism and it is destroying your way of life.

    Men have a natural role in society:  leaders.  Read the story of creation and you will find that Adam was tasked to rule the Earth, including the help meet he was to treat as an equal.  Religious or not, you understand that men hold a dominate role in Earth.  Kings.  Warriors.  Leaders.  Friends.

    Men are the stronger of humanity and when we are broken, how can we fix what’s falling apart.  America’s weakness is in the college campuses of this nation.  Now, we have 60% of all students in college as female.  Only 40% are male.  As we continue to have the number in men in college fall, the trend will continue.  America will grow weak, because women will be at the helm of economic dominance, driving us straight into a wall of economic disaster and chaos.

    When you give a woman an inch, she will take a mile.  She will take so many miles, however, that everyone will naturally end up lost and out of place.  Never forget this wisdom.  Society is in a wayward spiral of destruction and feminism is at the helm.  The more women make than men, the more broken families and masculine confidence.   And as the American nuclear family falls, so will America.

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